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the Base Curve X-Axis could use a logarithmic mode to allow easier edit of medium and dark tone area

Added by Nicolas Dade almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Right now the Base Curve module's horizontal axis is linear. Which means it uses most of the axis for the brightest tones, and the medium and dark tones are squeezed against the left edge. That makes it hard to edit them with the mouse.

It would be nice if there were an option to switch the axis to be logarithmic. That would spread out the tones in approximately EV spacing and editing dark and medium tones would be easier.

The current linear axis is great for touching highlights without changing the medium and lower, so don't get rid of it.


#1 Updated by Torsten Bronger almost 7 years ago

I think such edits should be done with other modules rather than with base curve.

Do we have already logarithmic x axes in DT?

#2 Updated by Nicolas Dade almost 7 years ago

Torsten Bronger wrote:

I think such edits should be done with other modules rather than with base curve.

I'll explain why I edit here: because the other modules which alter tones in a similar fashion to Base Curve (namely Zone System and Tone Curve) happen after the Shadows & Highlights module. I tweak the Base Curve to prepare the image for the S&H module's input.

Regardless, I think it is not possible to use the Base Curve GUI to match a new/poorly supported camera's jpeg rendering of an image. There isn't enough resolution in the lower left corner with the linear X-axis to get the darks to match.

#3 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn almost 7 years ago

Actually all of the current basecurves have been hand-matched using the current (and older) UI, so it's perfectly possible, it just takes a bit of patience and a steady hand :)

That said, a logarithmic mode would make this easier. The downside is of course that a logarithmic mode sortof gives a "misleading" view of what actually happens, so optionally it could be nice, but I'd never like that to be a default.

#4 Updated by Torsten Bronger almost 7 years ago

From my own tests with basecurves, I came to the conclusion that it should be even log-log. But optionally, yes.

#5 Updated by Johannes Hanika over 6 years ago

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dd31adf344231a015d33f15b245f897b249acfcc introduces log/log scale (optionally).

#6 Updated by Torsten Bronger over 6 years ago

Thank you very much! Looks nice. :-)

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