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Read xmp space inside no propietary raw files when importing LR catalog in case there is no sidecar file

Added by Nano de Miguel almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Lightroom creates a xmp sidecar file for propietary raw files, but it writes inside the xmp space when treating other files (dng, tiff, jpg...). When importing a Lightroom catalog, if there is no xmp sidecar file, trying to read inside the file to check wether Lightroom has written anything or not.

On the other hand, as LR and DT can share a the same pictures in their own catalogs, it would be a nice feature to check wether there is any changes in the Lightroom xmp file/space and reimport it, in our catalog or as virtual copies.

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#1 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn almost 7 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Developers to Pascal Obry

XMP does not provide for universal compatibility on all fronts, so sharing images between several image processing programs typically isn't as good an idea as it would seem.

Darktable only reads metadata from XMP, any edits are NOT inter-operable.

We only have a lossy lightroom import function, which is intended for one-time migration of a library from lightroom to darktable.

#2 Updated by Pascal Obry over 6 years ago

I'll close this. Because indeed we are not in the business of supporting both dt and lr process on the same images. As Pascal's noted this is a one-time job to help migrating. For the embedded .xmp one can do this manually by extracting them first:

$ exiv2 -f -eX ex image.jpg

So, we are not going to add extra complexity in dt for such a marginal feature.

This is anyway some other issues with lr to dt like the fact that lr does not store the .xmp for virtual copies. This information is AFAIK only into the database.

#3 Updated by Pascal Obry over 6 years ago

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