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Export jpg from RAW (with xmp sidecar file): xmpMM:History crashed darktable

Added by Nikolaus Krismer almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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Just tried to batch-process some of my RAW files with darktable to export JPG files.
Works great for most of my files (which I develop using lightroom on windows). However, there are some files which cause problems.
At the moment I am trying to give some feedback about the problems... so here is one of the problems in detail.

Importing the file _DSC0052.NEF works great when there is no xmp file (xmp files are generated by lightroom).
But when using _DSC0052.xmp darktable (and darktable-cli which I actually use) crash with a segmentation fault.
After some testing with modifying the xmp file I found out that things seem to be related to the xmpMM:History tag.
If this tag is removed everything works fine... but if it stays in the xmp file it causes darktable to crash!

_DSC0052.NEF (15.4 MB) _DSC0052.NEF Image to import in darktable (Corfu,Greece) Nikolaus Krismer, 04/29/2013 11:24 PM
_DSC0052.xmp (3.22 KB) _DSC0052.xmp XMP-file (created by lightroom) - with xmpMM:History tag at the end Nikolaus Krismer, 04/29/2013 11:24 PM


#1 Updated by Nikolaus Krismer almost 7 years ago

At the moment I am trying to use exiftool to remove the xmpMM:History field from my xmp file before using it with darktable-cli.
I do get some promising results from that, but I came across another issues regarding xmp files.

When calling

cp _DSC0052.NEF test.NEF
cp _DSC0052.xmp test.xmp
exiftool -tagsfromfile test.xmp -xmp-xmpMM:all=test.tmp.xmp
darktable-cli test.NEF test.tmp.xmp test.jpg

I get different results from calling
cp _DSC0052.NEF test.NEF
exiftool -tagsfromfile _DSC0052.xmp -xmp-xmpMM:all=test.xmp
darktable-cli test.NEF test.xmp test.jpg

The first call results in a darktable crash, while the second one works.
Is this maybe due to the fact that darktable still uses some information from "test.xmp" file (in the first call) although passing the xmp file "test.tmp.xmp"???
(Otherwise this behaviour would not make any sense to me)

Note that I do not want to copy any files at all (I just used copying for testing purpose).
What I actually want to do is creating a new xmp file in place (with .tmp.xmp extension).

#2 Updated by Nikolaus Krismer almost 7 years ago

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This has been fixed by the changes made in ticket #9423 (thanks to Pascal Obry)

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