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noise profile: panasonic lumix dmc-g10 by sergej nikolaev

Added by Sergej Nikolaev almost 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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(sorry, for my english and if you have russian developers, please let one of them answer me.)

Hello. I made two version of preset for lumix g10, but two strange things:
1) presets are very different
2) in second version and only on ISO 5000 i have following message:
===> Profile image for "Panasonic - DMC-G10 - 5000 ISO"
--> Converting ./P1170962.RW2 (ISO 5000)
[export_job] exported to `./P1170962.pfm'
--> Run noiseprofile
--> Plotting ./P1170962.pfm
--> Fitted parametric curves
--> Flattened ./P1170962.pfm
--> Save generated preset

$\033[33mWARNING: Incorrect blue channel.

Possible reason:
o The input RAW image is bad regarding lighting or exposition.
o You may have set a default output profile in darktable which is
unsuitable for noise profiling.

If the latter reason applies to you, change it back to "image settings"
and re-run this script.

Meanwhile, this channel will be ignored.$\033[0m

That's what i did:
1) i took one foto per iso on apperture priority mode
2) opened it in darktable, applied imported from /tools/noise raw linear style and closed darktable
3) ran /tools/noise/gen-profile -d . in folder with raws.

it's right or should i do something else?

Thank you very much for your work!

dt-noiseprofile-20130410.tar.gz (12.9 MB) dt-noiseprofile-20130410.tar.gz version 1 Sergej Nikolaev, 04/10/2013 02:10 PM
dt-noiseprofile-20130410.tar.gz (11.4 MB) dt-noiseprofile-20130410.tar.gz version 2 Sergej Nikolaev, 04/10/2013 02:10 PM


#1 Updated by Simon Spannagel almost 7 years ago

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#2 Updated by Sergej Nikolaev almost 7 years ago

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Darktable 1.2.1 yesterday released, but my noise profile for dmc-g10 not added. I did something wrong?
Thank you

#3 Updated by Johannes Hanika almost 7 years ago

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noise estimates are very noisy, variance is still a bit high for very dark areas (might be due to some in-camera processing though).

anyways pushed to master, thanks for profiling :)

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