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Export module to Piwigo web server

Added by Christian iuga almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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It's will be great if darktable will be able to upload directly to a piwigo web server

a API is available for that, as another soft can already do it (exemple : shotwell)

Documentation available for that :
a complete & complex method :
a simple method :


#1 Updated by Simon Spannagel almost 7 years ago

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This would indeed be a very nice feature, but I doubt that anyone of the developers has time to code that - since noone here is using piwigo as far as I know.

If you want to take on that have a look at other export modules (all located in src/imageio/storage) and join us on IRC if you need any additional help to get started.


#2 Updated by Christian iuga almost 7 years ago


I would like to be able to write it, but unfortunately i don't have any knownledege on C.
I'm "only" a sysadmin...

I not sure if it's can help or not :
Shotwell was a good export modules to piwigo api.
This soft is write in Vala. it's seem's something exist to create a C program from Vala (valac)
It's can be a good start point, no ?

#3 Updated by Bogdan Hlevca over 6 years ago

I agree with this request.
Piwigo is one of the best photo albums available. Having an exporting module will benefit darktable as well.
Digikam for example has such a module. Could that be adapted to darktable?

#4 Updated by Christian iuga over 6 years ago

Infortunaly, no :
digikam is written in C++
Darktable is written in C

#5 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 6 years ago

As long as there is an API that can be used over the net the programming language doesn't matter at all (and darktable already includes some C++ code). However, I don't think that any of the current developers care about yet another gallery exporter, so while patches are welcome I wouldn't hold my breath.

PS: In how far would darktable benefit from such a thing? It makes the code base bigger which means more stuff to maintain and take care of. But what exactly are the positive aspects?

#6 Updated by Bogdan Hlevca over 6 years ago

Well, the code base will grow bigger that's a certainty, but as long as the API does not change the maintenance is minimal.

The advantage will be for the ligthtable and not for the darkroom. You will be able to export the images directly into the photo album. Piwigo, in my opinion is one of the best web photo management systems out there. However, I understand that Flicker is the 800 pond gorilla in this business.

What advantages will it bring? It will make darktable a closer competitor of Lightroom and it will make people use it more and more without resorting to other photo management tools

I did not look at the code of darktable and I don't know if there is a plugin mechanism. If there is one then this task can left to people who are willing to contribute.

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