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Presets get overwritten (?)

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Mac OS X
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A smaller font size shows up when selecting exposure and aperture from the drop down buttons in the editing “new presets” for module “sharpen”.

Comment (possible i/p to the user manual update):
It was not intuitive for me that selecting (default) from the darkroom presets: (default) or “store new preset” erases the previously created custom preset.
I expected that selecting the (default) option simply applies a default preset to the picture leaving the custom preset there and letting to revert to the custom preset if desired. It is in the darktable Prefs. that I was expecting a delete custom preset command.
Can we have 3 options: default/erase custom preset/store new preset?


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Sorry, but I don't get your point. Presets are not deleted unless you choose to (I re-checked just now).
Of course the current settings of the modules are being overwritten when loading a new preset - but this is expected behaviour and not a bug.

Please try to clarify you, otherwise I'll close this ticket as invalid.
And please try to find meaningful titles and do not put several issues in one ticket.

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This is what I did, expected and got:

1. I adjusted pict. sharpening in the darkroom and selected “store new presets”.
The “edit new presets for module” window opened” and I named it “Canon”, selected “auto apply….”, filled some values and clicked OK. The preset was stored in the global sharpening Prefs.

2. Then, I opened a different file, set different sharpening values selected “store new presets”, named it “Canon”, selected “Auto apply….”, then filled some different values and clicked OK.
In the global presets that my first preset values was modified, but a new preset wasn’t created.

Then, it occurred to me that I was using the same name. After changing the name it worked.

I see a few issues here:
- Lack of manual which will be coming.
- The field for the preset name is almost the same color as background and almost invisible (like the progress bars showing the import progress for the folder and files) so previousely I completely missed it.
- If the presets are differentiated by the name only, then the preset naming will be awkward. The name will have to identify the camera and all parameter ……………variations?
I expected that different preset values would be recognized as a new preset.

Please advise if I’m totally out to launch on this and how it was designed to work (presets’ naming convention).

BTW, as I was checking the presets while writing this the dt froze again.
The global presets window was in front of the main window and not responding to clicks.
When I clicked on the main window “close” button (the 1st of the 3 in the top-left corner) the dt quit.
This is strange that the back window accepted clicks while the foremost window was active.
I reported this behaviour earlier.

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Since the submitter has uninstalled darktable and removed their redmine account, closing this as 'invalid'

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