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Re: my suggestion #9204 of the “working” indicator.

Added by Anonymous about 7 years ago.

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There are 2 progress bars used for importing. One could be used for this purpose.

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I've never noticed this. Maybe including a screenshot might clear some things up.

#2 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 7 years ago

The screenshot you've provided in #9225 only shows a single progressbar as I would expect. So please provide a screenshot of when you see two progressbars.

#3 Updated by Anonymous about 7 years ago

Are jesting? When you're importing a small # of files the progressbar above shows momentarily, but when you're importing many files both appear and stay visible. If dt crashes again, what will probably happen soon forcing me to import huge catalog, then I can send you a pic. Alternativelty you can do it yourself.

Re: the Exiv2 project.
With all due respect. If dt uses this "piece of... (marvel)" then it is dt problem. I've no access to their site to report the problem and could not effectively answer any questions related to dt which most certainlty would be asked. Thererofe it is dt debelopement team respossibility AFA I'm concerned.

#4 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 7 years ago

This bug is about progressbars, not about EXIF. Please provide any information about issue #9219 in the appropriate place. Any information not regarding progressbars will be ignored here.

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Since the submitter has uninstalled darktable and removed their redmine account, closing this as 'invalid'

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