Feature #9136

wildcards for color labels in "collect images" module

Added by asdkant - over 7 years ago.

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The image collector notes that *%* is a wildcard, but this doesn't work with color labels.

Also, there should be a wildcard for:
- images with any color label
- images with no color label

The relevant conversation on the IRC channel is copied below.

[18:21] <Kant> does anyone know if there is a wildcard for color labels?
[18:21] <houz> speaking of which, my white wine gets warm, thanks for the reminder
[18:21] <Kant> "%" doesn't seem to work as a wildcard
[18:21] <houz> Kant: ?
[18:21] <houz> ah, in collect
[18:21] <Kant> yes
[18:21] <houz> no, i don't think there is something like that
[18:22] <Kant> if I stop the mouse on top of the textbox I can see a message saying that % is the wildcard...
[18:22] <houz> i guess that's just the generic help string
[18:23] <Kant> I think having a wildcard for color labels would be useful
[18:23] <Kant> and wouldn't bother anyone not using it
[18:24] <houz> i guess your use case is "all images that don't have no color label" or without double negation "all images with some color label"
[18:24] <houz> ?
[18:24] <Kant> all images, period.
[18:25] <Kant> I guess color labels would need more wildcards
[18:25] <Kant> for tags, the wildcard is "all images" (at least in practice)
[18:25] <Kant> I haven't tried removing all tags from an image to see if it's included by the wildcard
[18:26] <Kant> the point of having a "all images" wildcard is that with that I don't have to add and remove another entry on the collect module all the time...
[18:26] <Kant> having that wildcard would speed up my workflow considerably
[18:26] <houz> if you want all images, why do you use the color label mode at all?
[18:26] <-- alicvb has left this server (Quit: Quitte).
[18:27] <houz> ah, you use it as your main way to select images
[18:27] <Kant> because I use the color labels to select images
[18:27] <Kant> yellow means "I may use this image"
[18:27] <Kant> green means "this is done"
[18:27] <parafin> there should be some way to select all images with color label too
[18:27] <Kant> the other colors are auxiliary selections
[18:28] <houz> please add a feature request in redmine so it won't be forgotten. i think it's a valid request

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