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Improve display of many pictures on the map at the same location (map/geo)

Added by Simon Harhues over 7 years ago.

Map / Geolocation
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Until now all images that are tagged (nearly) at the same place) are stacked above each other. Thus for different shoots at the same time, you'll just just see the newest(?) picture and have no chance to see older ones (at least I didn't find out how :)).
It would be nice to improve the display of images, if there are more pictures tagged to the same location.
Ideas: show some icon or newest picture with overlay (plus sign?) and if it gets clicked open a bubble like a pop up with a grid with all pictures; have a look how other geo-tagging services do it, I haven't found an example on google maps until now

affected version: 1.1rc2+9~g920bc8d (unstable ppa)


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#3 Updated by Simon Harhues over 7 years ago

In Digikam pictures with the (visual) same location get a number as an overly. By zooming in, the number can decrease, if the different pictures have space to be placed next to each other according their location.
See here: or there:

Don't know if it is possible to see all pictures of the same location on the map.

General to consider: It seems, that the map in darktable has a different aim, than the one in Digikam. In Digikam the map seems to be used also for selecting/filtering images, whereas in darktable its mainly purpose is to be able to tag images with gps coordinates.

#4 Updated by Simon Harhues over 7 years ago

Maybe one solution could be implemented using the feature request #9101

Also available in: Atom PDF

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