Bug #9010

RAW pixel size in app is more than in camera. Fuzzy edges on editable / exported images.

Added by Oleg Fritz over 7 years ago.

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Using darktable 1.0.5 on Ubuntu 11.10 for Sony Alpha SLT-A65 raws. After export image from darktble there is small fuzzy edges on full-sized images. Camera produces 24mp 6000x4000px JPEGs with normal edges. Full-sized image exported with darktable have 6048х4024px and fuzzy edges.

ARW file:
Camera JPEG of same file with correct edges(6000x4000px):
Darktable XMP:

darktable-screen.png (1.7 MB) darktable-screen.png Oleg Fritz, 10/17/2012 06:00 PM


#1 Updated by Oleg Fritz over 7 years ago

Example how it looks while editing(right edge of image)

#2 Updated by Ulrich Pegelow over 7 years ago

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#3 Updated by Ulrich Pegelow over 7 years ago

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I confirm your findings. There is a right border with some garbled pixels when processing your raw file.

ufraw suffers from the same problem (also producing a 6048 x 4024 output).

dcraw does not show this problem (producing a 6024 x 4024 output).

#4 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 7 years ago

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This is probably a RawSpeed problem, and can be fixed by changing the crop parameters in:


I'll notify Klaus Post about this.

#5 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 7 years ago

Adding the following seems to fix the issue:

<Camera make="SONY" model="SLT-A65">
<CFA width="2" height="2">
<Color x="0" y="0">RED</Color>
<Color x="1" y="0">GREEN</Color>
<Color x="0" y="1">GREEN</Color>
<Color x="1" y="1">BLUE</Color>
<Crop x="0" y="0" width="0" height="0"/>
<Sensor black="520" white="16596"/>

#6 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 7 years ago

Ok, so that got mangled (don't use the above).

I've just committed a proposed fix to master:

I still have to talk to Klaus Post about this, if this is the correct approach, but it should get you by at least.

#7 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn over 7 years ago

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So that wasn't a proper fix after all...

Thanks to Klaus Post there is a proper fix now:

Also available in: Atom PDF

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