Bug #8929

5D Mark III sRAW doesn't work correctly

Added by Denis Aludinov almost 8 years ago.

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git development version
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When I try to open sRaw in Darkroom I get purple image.
Another Raws will work ok.

UM8A2255.CR2 (9.4 MB) UM8A2255.CR2 Denis Aludinov, 09/14/2012 04:19 PM
UM8A1715.CR2 (9.74 MB) UM8A1715.CR2 Denis Aludinov, 09/14/2012 05:19 PM
s1s2_splitaa (9 MB) s1s2_splitaa Denis Aludinov, 09/17/2012 08:43 AM
s1s2_splitab (9 MB) s1s2_splitab Denis Aludinov, 09/17/2012 08:44 AM
s1s2_splitac (9 MB) s1s2_splitac Denis Aludinov, 09/17/2012 08:45 AM
s1s2_splitad (65.3 KB) s1s2_splitad Denis Aludinov, 09/17/2012 08:45 AM


#1 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn almost 8 years ago

  • Affected Version changed from 1.0.5 to git development version
  • % Done changed from 0 to 10
  • Target version changed from 1.0.5 to Candidate for next major release
  • Status changed from New to Confirmed

I think I can confirm this issue with the Darktable development version.

However, it would probably be useful to have a better test image available (instead of something that is nearly fully blown out). Would you mind providing us with a properly exposed image too?

#2 Updated by Denis Aludinov almost 8 years ago

It`s good news.
See attached another one image for you.

#3 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn almost 8 years ago

I can definitely reproduce now.

It seems this is Canon's sRAW2 format:
Exif.CanonCs.SRAWQuality Short 1 sRAW2 (sRAW)

Could you by any chance also provide us with an sRAW1 sample image? So we can check that too?

In the meanwhile, I'll push this issue to Klaus Post, who wrote RawSpeed, which is what Darktable uses to read RAWs.

#4 Updated by Denis Aludinov almost 8 years ago

Yes, but i can do this tomorrow.

#5 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn almost 8 years ago

Klaus Post got back to me, and he seems to have fixed at least sRAW2 support, I've imported his new code into Darktable git master (development version).

If you're running Ubuntu Precise by any chance, I've pushed a new git master build onto my darktable-unstable PPA:
The build will probably take a few hours to complete, and do be aware that when running the development build things can break from time to time. So make sure you have backups of the image library/darktable database.

Please report back if sRAW1 and sRAW2 files work well for you.

(We'd still love a sRAW1 sample for future testing purposes).

#6 Updated by Denis Aludinov almost 8 years ago

Everything is good.

I split zip archive "" using "split" command and attach it.

Also available in: Atom PDF

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