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Option to display AF focus points when possible

Added by Emmanuel Lacour about 7 years ago. Updated about 21 hours ago.

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Seeing the AF focus point on my new canon 5d2 screen, I looked at the exif to see if it's possible to draw it. I searched also on internet and found this proof of concept:

which suggests that it's at least doable for canon cameras :)

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Outcome of an IRC discussion on this:

  • it's not a "no-go" feature, so if coded it might find it's way into darktable
  • there is no urgent need for this from any developer, so nobody is willing to take on it now

maybe you want to give it a try? Exiv2 seems to be able to read the focus points at least from some Canon RAWs.
If you need some help to get started, you might want to read the Contributing_Code wiki page and ask for further advices in IRC.

Setting status to triaged, priority stays low.

#2 Updated by Emmanuel Lacour almost 7 years ago

Ok, I'm not going to work on this soon (My second child is going to born in a few days ;)). But this feature request now exists with minimal information for someone who don't how to spend time ;)

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#6 Updated by Moritz Augsburger almost 5 years ago

Here is some more information on the topic, eg where exactly to find the data:


Nikon: and

It looks like Canon gives direct coordinates, Nikon needs some mappings inside the code, for the other brands I didn't look it up.

#7 Updated by Nikolai Försterling about 2 years ago

like #8438, i feel this being solved for a while, try pressing strg+z in lighttable module

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Nikolai Försterling wrote:

like #8438, i feel this being solved for a while, try pressing strg+z in lighttable module

Yes and no. Even though ctrl+z exists, and shows interesting stuff, these issues are asking about more 'dumber', way less interesting stuff - actually displaying in-camera focus points. Since focus-and-recompose, or even manual focusing is widely used technique, i'm not really sure what is the point of this, especially since the actual focus detection exists in dt...

#9 Updated by Jan Ypma about 21 hours ago

One use case where this would have been nice:

I have just purchased a new lens and am evaluating a few test shots. It would have been nice to see the autofocus point the camera/I picked, and confirm that the lens indeed focused correctly and isn't back/front focusing (it's a Sigma...;-)

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