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tags in alphabetical order

Added by Edgar Scholz over 7 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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It would be great, if the tags in the tagging module could be sorted in alphabetical order. That would make things much easier, to find an existing tag with mouse -scrolling for appending it to the selected pictures per double-click.



#1 Updated by James C. McPherson over 7 years ago

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We order suggested tags in the tagging module by their popularity with your existing images, working from the idea that when tag X occurs, you frequently want to attach tag Y as well.

The list that we provide is

#1 all tags that have been attached with this current tag, ordered by number of occurrences
#2 all other tags

I don't see how we can alphabetise that list and still provide any semblance of ordering based on occurrence.

#2 Updated by Ivan Tarozzi over 7 years ago

I prefer alphabetical order too. When I need to apply a tag or decide if create a new tag and how to organize it in hierarchical way, I don't find useful popularity order.

Some time ago I had a look to code, and because actual implementation (based on occurrence ordering) I found not easy to change order.

May be a new implementation based on evolution of "keywords" module and a new "Tag Cloud" module as described here ( could be the solution, but I fear there are some open points to discuss in developer team.

#3 Updated by Edgar Scholz over 7 years ago

Ordered by number of occurrences, that looks easy, but for me it´s to complicated.

Searching through a tag-list, which is ordered alphabeticaly, is easily comprehensible. The way, I do this, always remains the same. If the tags appeare in order of their occurence, in many cases, I will have luck and find the right tag quickly. But there are many other cases, in which I want to append another tag, which is somewhere in the list. But where is it, this tag, and what was it´s exakt name? Was the tag name flower|garden|rose or was it garden|rose|flower? You see, what I mean?

If I have one-hundred different tags, it is not so easy, to find the right one, when there is no alphabetical order.


#4 Updated by Jack Tummers over 3 years ago

I can understand the idea behind the current ordering, but it only works when having not so many tags. When after a while you have many tags, it is impossible to spot the one you need while scrolling through all the tags. It would be better then to have them ordered alphabetically, perhaps with a search option with autocomplete, so that when typing the first two letter 'co' would offer tags like cows, covers, controlpanel etc.

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