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DT should detect RAW+JPG and offer to import only one

Added by Jisakiel Kiel almost 8 years ago.

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Just trying to migrate to Darktable from Lightroom... One very useful feature to replicate would be that Lightroom detects when the camera is in RAW+JPG mode (in my case CR2+JPG) and it shows only once the picture.

I'm not quite sure of the algorithm as the image number in exiv data is different (the filename is the same except from the extension, both files are together always, and the rest of the exiv parameters are the same).


#1 Updated by Matthew Jenkinson almost 8 years ago

Couldn't this be controlled via a filter? For instance the keyword filter in the left-hand panel in the lighttable adds a filter to the collect panel, and raw images appear to be automagically tagged with their format. So to only show raw images, double click the keyword for that image format and voila - you can even save the collection settings I believe.

This way the jpegs are there if you want them, but normally hidden from view.

#2 Updated by Richard Wonka almost 8 years ago

See also #8538.

I think it would make sense to look at a broader solution that implements #8538 in a way that any image may have one, two or more versions "attached" to it.

What prompts me for this is that I currently export full-resolution jpegs of my raw files for backup purposes. But they then never show up in darktable unless I go and import them and then they appear in a different film roll, which is less than ideal, surely.

In my proposed solution, the original import would be marked as the original and I'll just call the others derivatives, which could be (optionally) attached to the original on export.

E.g. file p1234567.rw2 would then appear once in the collection, the .rw2 being the original and attached to it are
  • 800x600 jpeg (for web use)
  • full resolution jpeg (for archiving)
  • full resolution png (for whatever)
  • ...

So when I export an image, I can choose to attach it to the original as a derivative or just export and dt forgets about it instantly (which is the case currently).

Technically, this would add an optional import operation on export, a flag "original" and column "derivatives" in the images table, or a table "derivatives" in the library.db that maps derivatives to originals. The latter would probably have the least impact on the rest of the system.

In the lighttable view there could then be a module that lists any derivatives for the currently selected image.

#3 Updated by Johannes Hanika almost 8 years ago

Richard Wonka wrote:

I think it would make sense to look at a broader solution that implements #8538 in a way that any image may have one, two or more versions "attached" to it.

you can duplicate your images in lighttable mode and work out different versions, tag them accordingly and then export them to whatever you want.

there is an option during import to ignore jpg files (i dont really see the point of having the jpg in dt if you didn't lose your raw).

#4 Updated by Simon Spannagel almost 8 years ago

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Tobias has some code for image grouping priving this RAW+JPEG functionality. I recently heard from him that it's working in principle but is outdated and needs to be adjusted for current master.

Tobias, any estimate?

#5 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 8 years ago

I just updated the branch 'houz'. In my tests (almost) everything worked. Have a look at doc/grouping.txt for further information.

#6 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 7 years ago

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ignore_jpegs in the import dialog together with grouping should solve this issue.

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