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Styles in Export options

Added by Matthew Jenkinson over 7 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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I have used Bibble for a while and recently switched to darkroom. Pretty excellent software all round, but with a couple of basic flaws in method for post-processing. This was also a frequent request for the Bibble creators.

This one is fairly simple in concept - I export at several different sizes, qualities, etc. for different purposes. I would prefer to control the watermark size, position, or indeed whether I want one at all, at the export stage and have it dynamically added to the images (usually dozens at a time) on export.

At the moment I do this by script after export to filesystem, but would prefer to be able to control this in software as a more elegant solution.

I question the validity of watermarking an image as a develop role, as that watermark will be attached regardless of whether you want it or not for a particular purpose. This functionality is usually reserved for imprinting a copyright notice when uploading images to the web, or handing out small samplers to clients (I am not a professional, but I know this is something required by those who are).

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#1 Updated by Simon Spannagel over 7 years ago

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Hi Matthew,

couldn't this be solved by using a dt style with only the watermarks module active?

#2 Updated by Richard Wonka over 7 years ago

That sounds like a very good idea indeed. Brilliant in fact.

I have several presets in the exports module, for some of which I always use the waermark, and for some I don't want it. - Which causes the extra work of switching to darkroom just to switch on/off one module. Even worse: It is only for a selection of images, so essentially I have to remember which ones to watermark and which ones not to.

It would make sense and save a lot of work and hassle to be able to define whether a watermark is added in the export module.

Yes, that's a very definite +1 from me. Please add a selection drop down list into the exports module that allows to select one (or none) of the watermark presets.

We use the watermark module to define presets and can then opt in to using those presets in the export.

#3 Updated by Ivan Tarozzi over 7 years ago

Interesting idea!
Can I add my2cent?

What about a more generic feature in export module permitting to temporary apply a style on exported pictures?
And a way to save style to apply in export preset?

For example:
If I save for web, I resize 800x800 px, add watermark and border and assign a particular sharpness

If I save for other purpose, I resize 2000x2000 px, don't add watermark and assign a different sharpness, no border


In this case, could be amazing imo to save a web export preset containing also a style to apply (not affecting general pipeline, but only to use exporting pictures).

#4 Updated by Matthew Jenkinson over 7 years ago

Thanks Simon for adding the Category, sorry about that.

And this is why I love opensource - Ivan's idea sounds ace, I might even look into implementing it myself, though my C is very rusty. I would contend that there is no reason to need 'a way to save style to apply in export', simply allowing any defined style to be applied on export would be great in my opinion.

Any hints perhaps on how someone (I?) might start integrating the style pipeline into the export feature? Have had a cursory look over the source but not quite sure where to begin.

#5 Updated by Simon Spannagel over 7 years ago

Hi Matthew,

great to hear you're willing to deal with it!

Best thing might be to ask some of the main developers that hang out in IRC regularly. Look out for e.g. hanatos, dinamic, houz. You should discuss the exact implementation of the feature with them in order to get a proper working code that does not break anything in our export pipeline and is going to be accepted.
You'll find some more information here:


#6 Updated by Ivan Tarozzi over 7 years ago

Matthew Jenkinson wrote:

I would contend that there is no reason to need 'a way to save style to apply in export', simply allowing any defined style to be applied on export would be great in my opinion.

Is imo a complementary solution. The main task would be apply a style on export.

The secondary task could be save the applied style name used in export to the preset, as the size, file format, ...

Here my reason:
in this case I could have a web-export preset with all my needs, without remember to:
- load web-export export preset (size and jpeg8bit)
- remember and select web-export export-style (sharpeness, watermark, border, ...)

just a step less. Imo with less priority upon first task, but could be interesting analyze this feature too, before rewrite some code :)

#7 Updated by Matthew Jenkinson over 7 years ago

Sorry Ivan, I misunderstood. Yes, the best way to properly integrate it would be to include it not only in the interface and rendering pipeline, but also in the saved presets.

I have some other things on my plate at the moment, but might give this some thought (and a deeper browse of the code involved) next week and contact the aforementioned people.

#8 Updated by Richard Wonka over 7 years ago

You guys rock.

#9 Updated by Rick Gabriel over 7 years ago

I'm also very interested in the ability to apply any styles to images during export after they have been processed (ie. output sharpening, watermarks, etc.)

#10 Updated by Jérémy Rosen over 7 years ago

that will probably be doable in lua at some point

intercept at export time :
  • duplicate the exported image
  • apply a style to the duplicated image (on top of existing edits)
  • export the duplicate
  • remove the duplicate from db

#11 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 7 years ago

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We should add a way to select a style in the export module that is then appended to the history stack when exporting. I'm keeping this one around to remind us of that.

#12 Updated by Alessandro Miliucci about 7 years ago

Imo this feature will refine the DT workflow.

Is very annoying (for me) to apply watermark after export with imagemagick or other tools and change resolution every time I export (I use one resolution for flickr, one for printing, one for email...).

I think that aftershotpro "output profile setting" dialog is very useful as a good example of this feature (this image was attached to the realated issue). In AFS you have a list of "output profile" and you can edit everyone and add new (some "standard" profiles are bundled: jpeg fullsize, jpeg preview-low res, tiff 16b, tiff 8b).

+1 for me

#8496 can be a sub-part of this feature.

#13 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus about 7 years ago

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Grep the git log to find the relevant commits.

#14 Updated by Ivan Tarozzi about 7 years ago

Thanks a lot!

Improvement could be ability to apply a list of style, but imo this is already a good step ahead :)

Use case for multiple style in export:
- style for watermark
- style for frame
- style for sharpness
=> combine one or more during export

#15 Updated by Russell Harrison almost 7 years ago

Tobias Ellinghaus wrote:

Grep the git log to find the relevant commits.

Are the styles applied during the export process or to the result of the export process?

#16 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 7 years ago

During the export, as if it was part of the actual history stack. However, the history is not changed.

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