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"Set preset as default" behaviour unexpected

Added by Richard Wonka about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Defining a preset in a plugin as the default (e.g. my favourite watermark)

Define company watermark to be used for company pictures (but not for private ones), so activating the watermark plugin inserts the company watermark instead of the darktable default.

Expected behaviour:
This watermark is used when the plugin is activated.

Actual behaviour:
Plugin is automatically activated for all images, acting as if auto-apply had been set.

Proposed fix:
Setting a preset as the default should not auto-apply, but only set which preset is to be used when (if) the plugin is activated.


#1 Updated by Simon Spannagel about 8 years ago

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Hi Richard,

I consider this ticket invalid.

the behavior is exactly what it is meant to be. This functionality should give you the possibility to apply plugins with defined settings by default on all (or the fitting) images you open in darkroom.

This is NOT meant to change the default values a plugin shows since this would not save you any click. If you want to set a preset you don't have to enable the plugin before (not even expand it) but just choose your saved preset from the preset dropdown menu.


#2 Updated by Richard Wonka about 8 years ago

Okay, I wasn't aware that this was meant to duplicate part of the behaviour of auto-apply.

Being able to define a default preset in the way described above would save a click and some menu interaction, as one would only have to click the "power button" icon to enable the plugin with the defined preset, instead of opening the preset drop-down and selecting the chosen preset from the (possibly long) list.

So, set as default does the same as auto-apply with all wildcards? Do I understand this right?

To merge the two menu times that give access to auto-apply functionality, how about moving the auto-apply options from the edit preset dialogue and giving it a menu item of their own that would then replace the set as default item?

That way, edit preset would only give the options needed to edit the plugin presets and auto-apply would deal only with the auto application. - Both dialogues would the be smaller and more easily handleable. A checkbox "[ ] Apply for all images" could then give easy access to the set as default funcionality.

I hadn't even given full thought of the implications that one might be able to choose the default values of a plugin. That would be a very powerful tool (and thus potentially desasterous, admittedly) for some plugins, but very, very nice indeed for some others. One example would be the default watermark mentioned above.

Maybe setting a default watermark would be better as feature request for the watermark plugin then...

Thank you for your patience while I come to understand the workings of darktable.

#3 Updated by Richard Wonka about 8 years ago

I have just noticed that the framing plugin displays the default functionality I am looking for. It has a default (white) frame that is applied only once the plugin is enabled and can be changed to the black frame to display the same behaviour. (Changing the default then enables auto-apply, but when removing the default again, the black frame becomes the default when enabled - this might be a bug?)

Would it be possible to make the Watermark plugin do the same?

#4 Updated by Richard Wonka about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Fixed to Incomplete

Hey Simon,

I disagree that the ticket is invalid, as the behaviour is unexpected to at least this user.

Why would darktable duplicate its own functionality the way the "set default" function does at the moment? Setting the default has the same effect as auto-applying the same preset with all wildcards. This behaviour does not add functionality to darktable, but adds complexity to the interface and potential frustration for users who are trying to stop darktable from auto-applying a preset, which is applied because they tried to set the default values for a plugin ("set default" sounds like it does just that)

Being able to set the default values for any plugin would certainly /without/ auto-applying it would certainly save clicks (and surprises), as I am pretty sure people have favourite settings that they would like to be able to set with just one click, but not to all images. Instead of having to look for those settings in the list of presets, they could just switch the plugin on and be done.

Prime examples for this are Framing (where this behaviour is already present, but can not be changed to a different style of frame, I believe), Watermarks, but can be extended to pretty much any plugin, like a "signature style" colour correction, equaliser or vignetting, (or...) that a user simply likes best of all settings for that module and would like to apply to some images. Auto-applying and having to switch the plugin off for some pictures seems a backward way of accomplishing this and would certainly be annoying in the process of culling, where I want to see the unchanged image first, before deciding on whether to work on it.

If you are not going to fix it, that's another thing, and is then a political issue rather than one of software quality.

#5 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 7 years ago

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I agree that some things with our preset system are, well, funny. Jo is working on overhauling that, maybe this will be fixed, too. I am setting this issue to Triaged for that reason.

#6 Updated by Johannes Hanika over 7 years ago

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there are no more defaults, so they can't behave unexpectedly :)

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