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Added by tetreb - almost 8 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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It'd be helpful to have links to the help pages of the many modules in the GUI. I'd suggest putting such links into the module titles, where the reset, preset and on/off buttons are. Another possibilite would be next to the titles of the subsections like "global options" inside "export selected" in lighttable.

Sometimes a paragraph of helptext can be necessary, and having it right there not only is very convenient to the user, but could encourage people to add missing help sections.

Of course instead of a link, even nicer would be displaying the text inside dt itself. Maybe replace the big space in the middle, where the image is in darkroom or the thumbnails in lighttable are.


#1 Updated by sjjh - almost 8 years ago

I would suggest an "i"-icon, for the help link. I believe this is well known as an information icon. The icon definitively adds more clutter to the ui, but first of all as you see in #8658 the tool tip is not always found directly, and secondly you can't have longer paragraphs and example pictures in a tool tip.

#2 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 8 years ago

Without having checked how much work it will make or if it's possible at all, I'd like to add another idea: What about a toggle button with a '?' (like the color pickers in plugins) next to the preferences wheel. Whenever this button is activated, any click in the gui will lead to a browser opening the appropriate wiki page (remember the plugin overview people wanted to add there?) or the manual. I guess with some creative signal blocking this could be possible.

#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 7 years ago

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#4 Updated by rawfiner - about 1 year ago

This feature was added recently on master branch. See
The feature request should be closed.

#5 Updated by Pascal Obry about 1 year ago

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Done for 2.6.

#6 Updated by Roman Lebedev about 1 year ago

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