Bug #8647

plugin sequence should be configurable

Added by Richard Wonka over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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As is pointed out in the screencasts, currently the plugins are applied in a fixed sequence.

This severely limits the functionality of the tool and the possibilities.

two examples:

  • Apply a low-pass-filter and then a coarse grain to an image and then use the same filters in the opposite sequence. Both results are valid creative expressions and may well be desirable, yet only one of them is currently possible in darktable.
  • currently, the watermark is applied last (I believe), but I would like to embed my watermark further in my images and e.g. also make them monochrome or grainy or whatever.

I think it would make sense to change the sequence of the plugins within the group via drag-and-drop. (To me, top to bottom makes most sense, but that is a minor detail)


#1 Updated by Simon Spannagel over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

Changing the pipeline would end up in really unpredictable results. You may want to have a look of dependencies of the plugins. There is a tool in our source code (tools/ that gives you a svg visualizing the dependencies.

This is why we don't want to give that power to the user - it will be possible to mess up the development process that fast that we couldn't handle all the reports by users about broken development that just messed with the process.

Be sure this really is a wontfix, we discussed this many times.

#2 Updated by Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo over 7 years ago

To add up a bit more on this, the thing is that while some of the things you mention are valid, the combinations are so many that it would be impossible to allow all what the people want artistically and keep the things in a logical order in terms of pipe processing. For this purpose, you should use GIMP, where there is not limits to artistic approach.

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