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Option to copy history stack when creating duplicate

Added by Russell Harrison over 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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When selecting multiple images in lighttable mode and then clicking on the duplicate button I would like to have the option of applying the history stack for each image to its duplicate. Along the same lines I'd like to have the same option when applying styles to images with the "create duplicate" box checked in that tool.

I don't gain much time with my work flow if when I've finished my first pass of editing and I'm getting ready to do alternative versions of my previous work (bw conversion, different crops, etc.) if I then have to copy the history stack from each image to its duplicate one by one.


#1 Updated by Fred Grollier over 7 years ago

I've found myself missing this feature sometimes too, so started working on this, at least for the first part of the request (copying history while duplicating). Once this first one is implemented, the second (duplicate-copy-apply style) is just one click further, so I don't think there's a need for a direct implementation.

However I've for now just implemented the "backend" code, there's no way to trigger it from the gui. My first idea was to use Shift+Click on the existing "duplicate" button to do duplicate-and-copy, but I was warned on IRC that this may look like a non likable "hidden feature". Another possibility would be to always do duplicate-and-copy, modifying the current behavior.

So now I'll need some advice on how to GUI-handle this.

(the patch is in the 'duplicate_copy' branch of my personal fork, )

#2 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 7 years ago

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Ok, the part about copying the history stack when creating a duplicate is fixed in master, the other part (styles) will probably not be done. So I'm closing this ticket.

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