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Support of Nikon V1 multiple pictures mode

Added by regiteric - over 8 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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Nikon V1 has a capture mode which take 5 pictures for a single press on the shutter button. Two pictures are taken before the button is pressed and two after. It then uses internal algorithm to choose the best pictures but all 5 pictures are saved on disk.

It could be really interesting to have a way to see that some pictures are in the same series. An other solution could be to only import the good one (or to automatically rate to 0 the other pictures).

The link between the pictures is stored in a separate XML file stored in its own directory at the root of the SD-Card. A XML example is attached to the ticket.


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Unfortunately the attached xml file didn't survive the transition to redmine. Could you please upload it again?

#2 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 6 years ago

Any news here? I am not sure if this is something to be put into core darktable, but possibly a nice Lua script could help: once an import is done it could check for such an XML file in the picture folder, parse it (I am sure Lua can read XML?) and group images as required.

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Obscure camera/vendor specific gimmick's, don't belong in Darktable's core indeed.

Since the user hasn't given a response in two years I'm closing this issue.

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