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Last week I have played with darktable and was instantly impressed by the software. But there is one thing that annoys me a little bit. I always export the same files in my RAW workflow. One 16bit tiff with image profile in original size and one 8-bit png for web usage with an sRGB profile which is also limited by maximum size.

In general the export module is very good. It even remembers the options selected last time for each export target. But what I miss is the possibility to store one or more of these presets for latter usage.

I think I am not the only one that work this way. So I suggesting the following changes:

  • Add an option to store the settings in a preset
  • Add the option "presets" to the target drop-down menu.

If the target "presets" is selected, hide the folder selector, file format and global options section from the user. Instead display all presets along with a check-box for each and the option to delete a preset.

Now the user could simply select the "presets" target, check one ore more presets and press the export button. This would save me and others a lot of time, and additionally would even allow export to multiple picassa web albums.

It would be very nice if someone could implement this.




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hmm, we do have an preset system and its enabled for the export module,
have you tried it ?, check the icon with 4 horiztonal lines in the module


#2 Updated by kabch - over 8 years ago

OK, I have not seen that.

"picasa webalbum" : Does only store file format options. I have multiple Picasa Webalbums and accounts. One is private one for work. The preset does not save the login credentials and the selected webalbum.

"file on disk": presets working ok.

The current preset system does still not allow to export multiple "presets" at once. This is a little bit frustrating. I would still like if someone could implement a system like I described. It would eventually also possible to save the preset selection itself as a preset :)



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