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Collection plugin: missing files

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My image library isn't managed by darktable, so every now and then files are moved and/or deleted. Currently, DT -- correctly -- prints errors for those files not found. While that is undoubtedly the right behaviour, it would be grand if there'd be a way to tell DT to refresh the library, and -- optionally -- remove references to files which aren't there anymore.

Heard, on #darktable, there might be a plugin in the works that'd do this very thing. Just writing a ticket to make sure you know it'd be appreciated. :)


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This is not that trivial to solve, i have an idea of this like following:

Having a background job (similarity branch have this) that when an image is
not available it's flagged as OFFLINE, and lighttable will indicate on the image
thumb that it's not available.

Then there should be an dialog to manage this, showing how many images that is offline flagged and 3 button options for the user:

"recheck refs", which will go thru all offline flagged images and recheck if the files are available, this is to catch a corner case when you have images on removable drive which not is available and got the images flagged as offline, the dialog should tell the enduser to mount his archive for this operation... when finished checking the dialog is updated with new counter of offline images..

"remove", just removes the flagged images from database.

"cancel", will just do nothing...

But this doesnt account for anything defined as archive and we will probably need a solution for that to and accounted for that into this process...

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There is a tool that does exactly that.
But: do not ever touch RAW files once you have imported them into DB!

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