Bug #8381

Green highlights with demosaic

Added by Anonymous over 9 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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(git master)
Green highlights appear if demosaic plugin is activated.

At least with Canon 50D and 40D tested.


#1 Updated by oliviertoulouse - over 9 years ago

the same kind of problem with EOS 5D Mk II (along with the completely broken display of some images)

#2 Updated by Igor Kuzmin over 9 years ago

Same with 7D and 400D. It's not exactly demosaic plugin which gets activated, but median filter.

#3 Updated by Johannes Hanika over 9 years ago

i changed this code to better respect edges in the green channel while filtering the color channels. in my images this preserves highlights much better, while still removing the annoying 400D outliers.

not quite artifact free yet, but you can achieve better results when playing with the threshold a bit now.

#4 Updated by Igor Kuzmin over 9 years ago

Well, now 0.001 setting for median filter doesn't introduce that much green, yes, but also it's now not that effective against noise IMHO. And high settings still produce green highlights. So this probably need some more work...

#5 Updated by Igor Kuzmin about 9 years ago

Status update on this bug:
Median filter (edge threshold setting) still produces color artifacts. Also it smooths out small details, but that's how it works I guess. Good news is that you probably don't need it anyway. I found out that those white dots in high iso settings (removing them is IMHO the main application of this filter) are actually mostly artifacts from green eq (match greens setting). Red noise on the other hand can be removed almost completely using color smoothing.
So the real problem here is green eq - obviously there is some computation bug that results in apparent hot pixels

#6 Updated by Igor Kuzmin about 9 years ago

Good tip from hanatos - 0.5 edge threshold setting produces much less color artifacts. But here's another thing about median filter I noticed - it doesn't affect approx 4px wide edge around the image: compare and

#7 Updated by Simon Spannagel about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

I can't reproduce this anymore, neither with PPG nore with AMaZE.
Set to "worksforme".

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