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geotagging images on filter collection : display is inverted between tagged ones and no tagged ones

Added by Nicolas Auffray over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Images displayed are inverted on geotagging filter. The no tagged criteria display the correct number of no tagged images but display the tagged ones as the tagged criteria display the no tagged ones with te correct number of tagged ones. You could see in lighttable that the number of images displayed in the high center of the interface is the opposite of the number of images display in the filter criteria.

I'm using the development version but maybe this bug is on previous versions also.

I join 2 images of the problem. One before tagging lot of images, the second after.

Capture-20190105184534-1919x1045.png (1.04 MB) Capture-20190105184534-1919x1045.png Nicolas Auffray, 01/05/2019 08:36 PM
Capture-20190105192710-1920x1052.png (1.19 MB) Capture-20190105192710-1920x1052.png Nicolas Auffray, 01/05/2019 08:36 PM


#1 Updated by Nicolas Auffray over 1 year ago

I forgot to add that the displayed number on the filter criteria doesn't change when geotagging images on the map. I have to reinitialize filter collection to seeing the number of images change on the criteria.

#2 Updated by Nicolas Auffray over 1 year ago

After making some tests, I've found that was not only geotagging issues I had (return to film tags doesn't change images displayed for example, thing that was working with this same version). I try on darktable 2.6 and have same issues. So I move my darktablerc config file to let darktable create a new one and that solve my filter collections bugs. I try to find which line on this config file make these bugs happen. After different tests, I found that the line causing that was this one :


After changing the parameter from 2 to 0, these bugs disappear. I've tried to change this parameter from 0 to 2 on the new darktablerc file and found these bugs back. But how this line could pass from 0 to 2 and make these bugs back ?

#3 Updated by Pascal Obry about 1 year ago

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Closing as this is now fixed on dt (mode0 pref not reset).

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