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it would be handy to find a certain image by filename. I have not find a way to do that.


#1 Updated by Pascal Obry over 1 year ago

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Please help yourself and read the documentation! If you've missed that I'm sure you've also missed 90% of dt features.

#2 Updated by S. Claessen over 1 year ago

Oh thanks. that was really a help. This really pisses me off. why do you care if I "missed 90% of the features" as dt does what i need. NOBODY uses all features in any program ever written, be it wordstar, dbase-III, protools, gimp, lightroom or for your sake DT.

maybe you could conclude that the documetation format is lacking or could be improved. I'm tester on several foss packages (kicad, freecad, librecad (brrr) ) and have never had a response to a question like this. cloud you please stop doing things for the foss community and start working for oracle?

Very disappointing

#3 Updated by S. Claessen over 1 year ago

btw, i still do not know if dt has a find function or not. if its not there, I can look around the user guide for ages and not find it as i did before posting here.

#4 Updated by Paolo Astengo over 1 year ago

A very easy way to find a picture by its filename is the following:

In the left panel, under collect image, you can select your images by "filename". In the right box, you can write any char that you want to find (ex: DSC)
Then you can add a rule with another part of the file name (ex: 80) and so on, mixing a filename search with other rules like folder, ISO, aperture or whatever.

For instance, if you want to find a NEF picture, with the filename containing "80" and "DSC", with ISO 8100:

collect images

Filename "NEF" then "narrow down search", insert "DSC" in a new filename selection, "narrow down search", insert "80" in a new filename selection, then "narrow down search", insert "100" in a new ISO selection.

That's it

#5 Updated by S. Claessen over 1 year ago

Ah, so its not "find" its "filter". thanks! using the right search words is always key in google or general the web.


#6 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 1 year ago

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