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Add an option to allow a permanent "overwrite" export

Added by Rainer Krienke almost 2 years ago.

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darktable is a great raw converter. I recently switched to darktable after 10 years with Aftershot(bibble). However at the moment darktable does unfortunately not offer me a perfect way to comfortably support my workflow, where I export quite often to a jpg to see how photos looks on different devices like smartphome, Laptop, tablet etc. Since I do not want to have a bunch of jpg-export files for one single raw file just by exporting the same raw several times, I always have to manually switch to "overwrite" mode, which unfortunately is resetted right after each export back to "rename". Of course I do not always remeber to reset the "reset" before the next export, then get versions of the exported files I did not want, that I have to clean up again afterwards. This is not optimal.

I guess this export reset has been done to protect especially beginners from overwriting their files which might lead to a loss of darktable settings for a raw photo. This is certainly a good default for people that start to work with a raw converter or people who want to work this way. However this overwrite "reset" can also be a headache for people who know what they are doing and want to use "overwrite". Each photographer has his own workflow his own way of developing raw files. I think it would be helpful if darktable would also support different workflows and personal preferences how to do things like to always overwrite exported files. You might add an option to allow a permanent setting of overwrite if you like with a big warning that changing export to "overwrite" will actually overwrite exported files from now on, anyway, I think there should be some way to make this setting permanent without the need to do it every export again, which is really cumbersome.

Aftershot by the way also has the two options "rename" and "overwrite" when exporting raw files and 10 years ago I switched one time only to "overwrite" mode and since then worked this way and never lost a single jpg file (with its raw settings) by an unintentional export. So the danger for someone using this requested new permanent overwrite export is very, very small but would help users who want to work this way really much.

Thanks a lot

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