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Labelling and metadata works on mouse (h)over image instead of clicked image or image viewed/edited

Added by Jack Tummers almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I added this issue in the Darktable mail list as well, under the same title. In short, in Lighttable as well as Darkroom behaviour and actions are performed on the image the mouse is hovering on, instead of the image clicked or currently edited. This affects rating/labeling, as well as adding/changing metadata.

These are examples of what happens currently and should be changed in my opinion. I also added these exampels to the mailing list/darktable users.

1. This happens to me all the time. When in Lighttable or Darkroom mode and I want to add a color label to an image, the label is added to the image where the mouse pointer currently is, not the image I've clicked or the image I'm currently editing in Darkroom. For instance. I'm editing an image in Darkroom with the image slider at the bottom of my screen. When I'm done editing and want to label this image for later export, I click F3 for green. But the mouse cursor is currently and accidentally above another image in the image slider, so that one gets labeled green and not the one I'm viewing and editing. Or in Darkroom I have my images sorted on color label because I already made a selection in Lighttable using F3 for green. During editing I decide an image isn't that good, so I press F3 again to remove it from the group of selected images. Instead I remove an image next to it, on the right of it. But that image wasn't edited yet and I have no idea from which image I removed the green label. So I have to go back to the Lighttable view and scroll through all thumbs to see what image I had deselected by accident. That really is annoying and shouldn't be possible.

2. Same goes for metadata. When in Lighttable mode and clicked an image, when adding metadata the metadata is added to the image with the mouse cursor on, not the image clicked/selected. This has made me add/change metadata to the wrong image lots of times.

I think this behaviour should be changed. It is obvious that when I click on an image, same in other software or image browsers and file managers, that what I want to do, I do on the image that I just selected, not the image that my mouse cursor is coincidentally hovering.


#1 Updated by Christian Kanzian almost 2 years ago

I like this behaviour. It saves me many clicks. You can move the mouse somewhere out of the images areas and your selected images are effected.

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