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Add RGB blend mode

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Currently, for denoise profile for instance, we can blend uniformly on RGB red channel, RGB green channel or RGB blue channel.
It would be awesome to be able to have a blend mode "RGB" that would make appear 3 additionnal opacity sliders (one per channel).
For instance, I usually use 3 instances of denoise profile wavelet with blend modes on red, blue and green with opacity of 80%, 65% and 50% respectively, and I would like to be able to use only one instance instead (this would save computation time, as I have 3 instances only in order to be able to have different opacities for red green and blue. The instances are all identical except for blend mode.).
I would also like to be able to do this for the rawdenoise module, have different opacities for green pixels than for red pixels and blue pixels.

The reason I would like this is that noise is usually higher in red and blue channels than in green channel. Setting different opacities for the 3 channels allow to get very good denoising results.

Thanks a lot :-)

rawfiner_wavelets_RGB_3.dtstyle (1.95 KB) rawfiner_wavelets_RGB_3.dtstyle rawfiner -, 08/16/2018 02:52 PM


#1 Updated by rawfiner - over 1 year ago

As an example, please find attached a very basic style for denoising, that use wavelets on red, green and blue channels separately.
Having a RGB blend mode would allow such denoising with 2 instances only instead of 4 instances.

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