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Add lua path to darktablerc

Added by pass 712 almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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As stated in several postings Lua scripts can't be executed if a special character (e.g. ä,ü,ö,...) is part of the filepath. At the moment (under windows) the lua directory is part of the user directory. This makes it difficult for users with the mentioned characters in their name to benefit from lua scripts.

A solution would be to place the lua-directory in a different location without special characters in the filepath and make it user-configurable via an entry in darktablerc.


#1 Updated by Peter M almost 2 years ago

I would like to have not only lua directory but the whole directory from user to be placed in configurable place. This way I can use my external drive with photos on different computers and have all my settings (eg. darktablerc, luarc files) with me.

#2 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 2 years ago

What whole directory? The config dir? If we let the user move that to another place, how would he configure darktable to look in a different place? The config file where that can be set isn't in the default place darktable would look at.

#3 Updated by Peter M almost 2 years ago

Make it possible to pass directory from where it should take configuration information.
Eg: darktable.exe -config f:\photos\config
This way I can take my external HD to any computer (or start from different computer user) and pass information where darktable should get presets, lua scripts, last import, film rolls etc. Doesn't matter if it's mine or my neighbors computer
If I start from my wife/son/grandpa windows account it gets information from "c:\users\wife\..." or "c:\users\son..." etc.
If I copy from my user directory then I overwrite their settings/information.

#4 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 2 years ago

$ darktable --help
usage: darktable [options] [IMG_1234.{RAW,..}|image_folder/]


  --cachedir <user cache directory>
  --conf <key>=<value>
  --configdir <user config directory>
  -d {all,cache,camctl,camsupport,control,dev,fswatch,input,lighttable,
      lua, masks,memory,nan,opencl,perf,pwstorage,print,sql}
  --datadir <data directory>
  -h, --help
  --library <library file>
  --localedir <locale directory>
  --luacmd <lua command>
  --moduledir <module directory>
  --noiseprofiles <noiseprofiles json file>
  -t <num openmp threads>
  --tmpdir <tmp directory>

Please notice the --configdir option. It is probably what you want. However, taking your library with you won't work reliably that way as the database stores absolute paths. You'd have to at least point darktable to the root of your image dir every time you move to another computer. Using the folder mode of the collect module and a right click on the tree root should deal with that in a few seconds.

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