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Ease adding many spot removal selections

Added by Kevin Ertel about 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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When fixing many spots in an image (think shooting in the rain, perhaps) the spot removal tool can be a bit tedious to add lots of points. One thing that may make this easier would be adding a modifier to the click action, allowing immediate re-use of the shape just used. To explain:
As things work now I select the circle tool, click on a spot, then go back to the spot-removal module and click on the circle tool again, then click on the next spot. Repeat until all spots removed, then tweak as needed.

I propose a new behavior:
Click on the circle in the spot-removal module, shift-click on a spot, shift-click on another spot, continue shift-clicking on spots as long as you want to continue using the circle tool. (This avoids the step of going back and selection the circle tool every time, as quite often when removing numerous spots you want to keep using the same tool over and over).

I believe this would really speed up the spot removal process when you have a lot of spots to clean up, not to mention I think the workflow is just better, because you can focus on finding and covering spots, rather then frequently shifting your eyes off the image to the module bar.

Obviously the modifier key could be anything: shift, alt, ctrl. Also, this behavior should be available for any of the tools, circle, ellipse, or freeform, I just use circle here as a simple example. Once the modifier key is released the user should be forced to go back to the module and select their desired tool again.


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I agree, that would make the workflow faster. I could even envision to have the same tool be re-applied without any modifier pressed, until the user right clicks or hits enter or escape or something like that. We'd just have to make sure to indicate that by changing the mouse cursor.

#2 Updated by Peter Schneider 10 months ago

I also agree that this feature would greatly enhance the workflow.
As an alternative to sticking to the recently used tool, I can imagine defining keybindings/shortcuts to select a cicrle, ellipse, freeform or whatever. Then, at least, we do not have to move the mouse over the entire screen, but can re-enable the tool by just one keypress. On my 4k screen, this is especially tedious as the corresponding symbols are quite small in size and, thus, cannot easily be reached.

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