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Color matrix for Sony ILCE-7RM3

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I have uploaded three RAWs to Dropbox <;, one of which should be a properly exposed shot of a color target so whomever, if they have time, can create a color matrix for the Sony ILCE-7RM3. (I loaded them into DT and turned everything off to make sure I was close to what you'd need exposure wise to create the matrix.)

The color target was a Spyder Checkr with matt color swatches. The gray scale is an old Kodak with a date code of 1997. It looks the same as the recently discontinued Q13. (Note the tape on the ends.)

I shot the samples in a studio at work. (I am a picture framer there, so the studio side is not my setup.)

I used two strobes which were Speedtrons #102 set at 400W on either side of the target.

If you need a better target, like the recommended IT8 from Wolf Faust, I would be happy to order one and redo the shots.

After watching Pascal de Bruijn's tutorial on the topic of color matrix I suppose it is possible that ArgyllCMS won't correctly identify the swatches because the gray scale was taped to the bottom of the target.

Anyway, let me know, I will try to help as I am able.

Alternatively, K. Adam Christensen uploaded four RAW shots of a color target to Perhaps one of those would work better for the purpose of creating a color matrix than the shots I made?

Thanks everyone!


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Bob Tregilus wrote:


Sadly, we do not add new custom color matrixes.
We do not have:
  • methodology to create them
  • methodology to verify the validity of lighting of the raw samples
  • a volunteer to actually spend time on all of that

Thanks everyone!

So i'm afraid i'm just gonna close this as-is.

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