Bug #11793

Regular Crashes when opening Darkroom under Windows

Added by Bertrand LAMY 3 months ago. Updated 12 days ago.

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git master branch
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While switching from Light table to Darkroom, a crash occurs, with the attached Backtraces (I had at least 3 of them).
Not 100% reproductible, as the next time, opening the same image could work, and it occured on several images, not always the same.

It occurs on version "2.3.0+1021~ga917e5ecc."
(was occuring on a previous windows build, so I tested with latest build available from )

(BTW, Thanks for this good work !)

darktable_bt_M4Q88Y.txt Magnifier (7.49 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 10/29/2017 08:53 PM

darktable_bt_5P3Y8Y.txt Magnifier (7.44 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 10/29/2017 08:53 PM

darktable_bt_CTZ28Y.txt Magnifier (7.57 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 10/29/2017 08:53 PM

darktable_bt_Q3C48Y.txt Magnifier (7.44 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 10/30/2017 01:58 PM

IMG_6125.CR2.xmp (5.36 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 10/30/2017 01:59 PM

darktable_bt_6GSOCZ.txt Magnifier - new crash dump (7.42 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 01/08/2018 03:53 PM

IMG_6485_02.CR2.xmp - another sampe of image that raise issue (12.6 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 01/08/2018 04:15 PM

cltest_output.txt Magnifier (27.3 KB) Bertrand LAMY, 01/10/2018 01:30 PM (34.6 MB) Bertrand LAMY, 01/10/2018 01:34 PM


#1 Updated by Roman Lebedev 3 months ago

  • Affected Version changed from 2.2.5 to git master branch

Bertrand LAMY wrote:

It occurs on version "2.3.0+1021~ga917e5ecc."

So why you specified the wrong version then

#2 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus 3 months ago

Please upload the XMP file of such a crashing image. I don't expect to find anything helpful in there, but maybe it can help.

#3 Updated by Bertrand LAMY 3 months ago

Here is attached a new crash with the XMP corresponding to the opened image.

#4 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus 3 months ago

Doesn't crash for me. I think we saw something like that in the past. @Roman: Do you remember details?

#5 Updated by Peter Budai 17 days ago

Hi Bertrand, do you see crashes still with the 2.4.0 released version, or can we close this case?

#6 Updated by Bertrand LAMY 14 days ago

Peter Budai wrote:

Hi Bertrand, do you see crashes still with the 2.4.0 released version, or can we close this case?

Hello, yes, I had retried with the 2.4.0 version, and I still have the problem.
Attached is a new crash file, which shows very similar callstack than previous.

I've took some time to try to understand how/when I could reproduce the issue:

It seems that it crashes every time I open some specific images (the XMP attached is one such sample, but I have other cases (attached another one), but it occurs only if I open theses images in the darkroom "the first time".
For example, if I first open in darkroom another image which don't crash, and then I come back to this image, it can be displayed without problem.
I don't know if can help...

#7 Updated by Peter Budai 13 days ago

Strange indeed if difficult to reproduce.
  • Am I right that you are not using OpenCL? Have you disabled it?
  • Can you run darktable-cltest.exe and share the output here? You can find info on how to run this tool here:
  • Also could you attache here the raw file itself which is crashing (frequently), like IMG_6485_02.CR2?

#8 Updated by Bertrand LAMY 12 days ago

  • I didn't changed anything regarding OpenCL since initial installation. So the status in parameters is: OpenCL activated, default profil.
    Actually this laptop does not have any dedicated GPU, but an integrated HD Graphics.
  • Attached is the output of darktable-cltest.exe
  • I've tried to isolate a set of files that reproduce the problem: import the attached tstDT2 folder, and open the CR2 image in darkroom (immediately after starting DT).

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