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Added by Michel PETTE over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I remove completely the 2.3 + 941 version wich can import from my Nikon camera after installation Zadig Drivers.
I install the 2.3 + 1021 version, my nikon camera are not recognized with this new version. I decide to remove it completely and re-install the 2.3 + 941 version. With this version my nikon camera is recognized and i can import images and i have not re-install the Zadig drivers.
I remove for the second time completely the 2.3 + 941 and re-install the 2.3 + 1021. I confirm my nikon camera is not recognized.
This bug is a complement for the bug #11744


#1 Updated by Michel PETTE over 2 years ago

I don't know why, but after several OFF/ON computer, my NIKON D500 is finally recognized by Darktable, XQD card in the camera. BUT it is not reconized any more with Nikon Transfer 2 (Nikon software) when the XQD card is in the camera. If i plug directly the XQD in computer, it is recognized.

#2 Updated by Peter Budai over 2 years ago

Finally I had some time to test.
In nutshell: after installing a new version of dt, you need to restart the computer.

More details:
With the new version of dt a new version of libgphoto2 is coming (2.5.14 -> 2.5.15). libgphoto2 is using the version name in the folder name, like C:\Program Files\darktable\lib\libgphoto2\2.5.15. The location of ligphoto2 is found by using an environment variable CAMLIBS, and while the installer updates that environment variable, it becomes effective only after next restart.

#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 2 years ago

Shall we set the variable in dt_init()? Or is that too late and it needs to be set before the DLL gets loaded?

#4 Updated by Michel PETTE over 2 years ago

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the details. Now with the 2.3 + 1024,Cameras are recognized (Cable between Camera and PC)and the import is fine. The only problem with the Zadig drivers, Nikon Transfer 2 (Nikon software) can't read any more when the XQD/SD card is in the camera (Cable between camera and PC). If i plug directly the XQD/SD direct in computer, Nikon Transfer 2 can read the content.
@Tobias, Sorry i can't answer to the questions.

#5 Updated by Roman Lebedev over 2 years ago

  • Target version changed from 2.4.0 to 2.6.0

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