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Selective / Multiple White Balance Temperature Adjustments

Added by Ed Halley about 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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(Apologies if this is a dupe or roadmap item, I did not find any with a search.)

The White Balance adjustment only supports a single global value for tint/temperature balance.

I would like to have support for different regions of the image, using masks. This should be promoted to work similar to the CBS filter, the S&H filter, the Tone Curve, etc., with multiple instances allowed and

I do understand that white balance is a key part of the way that color information is extracted from the bayer patterns, and thus you have to have some base value applied globally. This is similar to the way that the Base Curve is applied globally. However, there are cases where different regions of the image should be adjusted accordingly, and it would be most natural to express this in terms of color temperature rather than, say, Color Correction.

The simplest use case would be night time shots, where the warmth of incandescent lighting should be maintained for the foreground, but a cooler temperature in the night sky and un-lit foliage. This sample was created by masking and compositing two separate layers in another editor, because I could not achieve the same result in darktable. If I select a warm foreground, the sky is filled with a mercury-vapor orange tint which does not give the right feel.

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I agree that having multiple WB instances can be handy, having one instance work on the whole image and a 2nd to alter the wb for specific regions.

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Yes. I have tried working on it.
Step one: go over all the code that performs multi-instance stuff, deduplicate it, and fix the internal instance number, which is wrong most of the time now.

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