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Pentax KP noise samples (PEF + DNG) for download at google drive

Added by Al Bogner about 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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you can download noise samples taken with the Pentax KP from 100 to
819200 ISO in 1/3 steps (40 DNG and 40 PEF-files) to create a noise
profile for darktable.

40 files DNG (1.4GB all, each single file can be downloaded):

40 files PEF (1.4GB all, each single file can be downloaded):

Please note the following settings. This is NOT the default setting of
the Pentax KP (some settings are on by default) and I have no idea if
some of these settings influence raw files. It shouldn't, but who
knows, if Pentax thinks the same way. IMHO it should'nt be possible to
set them on in the menu, when using raw mode.

The filename contains some metadata, which should be self-exploring,
the number with "i" is the ISO-value. Files are sorted from hightest ISO
to lowest.

Let me know, if these noise sample files are unusable. With 819200 ISO
it is hard to get an area which is underexposed.

I will try to create any / better samples, if you tell me what you need to
create a noise profile for darktable.

I think with a good noise profile 80000 ISO photos will not be perfect,
but usable in some situations.

[EXIF] 0xc62b Baseline Noise : 1
[MakerNotes] 0x0049 Noise Reduction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0071 High ISO Noise Reduction : Off; Inactive

[MakerNotes] 0x0001 Shake Reduction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0000 White Balance Auto Adjustment : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0069 Dynamic Range Expansion : Off; 0; 0; 0
[MakerNotes] 0x006f Contrast Highlight/Shadow Adj : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0070 Fine Sharpness : Off; Normal
[MakerNotes] 0x0079 Shadow Correction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x007b Cross Process : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0000 Distortion Correction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0001 Chromatic Aberration Correction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0002 Peripheral Illumination Corr : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0003 Diffraction Correction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0095 Skin Tone Correction : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0096 Clarity Control : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0000 Composition Adjust : Off
[MakerNotes] 0x0000 Pixel Shift Resolution : Off


#1 Updated by Stefan Schöfegger almost 3 years ago

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The noise profile images needs to be much out of focus, see
Please run the tools/noise/gen-profile -d ./ on the new shots und upload dt-noiseprofile-2017XXXX.tar.gz here.

#2 Updated by Al Bogner almost 3 years ago

I have a problem with dust on the sensor, I will do samples ASAP, but I think it will take weeks until I get the camera back.

#3 Updated by Al Bogner almost 3 years ago

Please let me know, if these noise samples are fine:

#4 Updated by Stefan Schöfegger about 2 years ago

I get the warning about not underexposed for all of the images.

Also available in: Atom PDF

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