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Getting metadata from other apps into darktable

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Hi all,
Apologies if this is not the place to post such questions...
I'm about to head off on a month long (and very overdue) holiday.
I'm shooting with a Sony a850, and each night will be copying my images from CF card across to my Samsung tablet. Now, at this point, I'm hoping to use an Android app called PhotoMate R3, which is a RAW editor that also has the ability to add keywords to the imported images.
The fly in the ointment though, is that when I copy these images and .xmp files back to my desktop machine and import them to darktable, dt imports the images, but completely overwrites the .xmp file into an Adobe:ns:meta format which naturally loses all the keywords that I created in PhotoMate R3.
I'm attaching an .xmp file as generated by PMR3 (which uses the naming convention <filename>.xmp), as well as the darktable-generated .xmp (which uses the naming convention <filename>.ARW.xmp).
In my testing, I renamed the PMR3-generated .xmp file to match the naming convention that dt uses in the hopes that dt would read the tags contained therein. Sadly, no, it just overwrote the data.
All of which is a long way of asking... does anyone have any suggestions on how I can add tags to my images on a nightly basis (whilst locations and landmarks are still fresh in my memory), and then be able to get all that metadata into dt when I arrive home?
I'm not wedded to using PMR3. It was just the first RAW editor I found that could write metadata tags as well. Happy to be pointed toward other options if anyone knows of a better solution.
Thanks in advance!

_DSC6332.xmp (1.3 KB) _DSC6332.xmp xmp generated by PMR3 Bruce Williams, 05/24/2017 12:07 AM
_DSC6332.ARW.xmp (3.8 KB) _DSC6332.ARW.xmp xmp generated by darktable Bruce Williams, 05/24/2017 12:07 AM


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The reason why dt isn't reading the data from your XMP files is that they are malformed (at least that's how I understand the XMP standard). While it's possible to fix them manually I don't think that's easily doable in an automated way. Maybe ask the authors of PhotoMate if they can fix that? Ideally only having one rdf:Description and the dc:subject should only have one rdf:Bag.

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