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Various ssues while trying to change keyboard shortcuts

Added by Anonymous about 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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i'm experiencing various issues while trying to change the shortcuts for "next image" and "previous image" in the darkroom view. The default is on "backspace" and "space", my goal was the left and right arrow key. Following behavior:
  • Pressing the left arrow key (after double clicking on the existing shortcut) while the cursor is inside the settings window doesn't change the shortcut.
    The menu just jumps to the next settings tab on the left. When the mouse cursor is outside the window it might work, but i didn't manage it every time.
  • After the new shortcuts are set (multiple attempts) they don't work. Restarting darktable doesn't help.
  • Trying to change the shortcuts back only works after a few attempts, similiar behaviour as described above, possibly due to the location of the mouse cursor.

Working with 2.2.4 under Xubuntu 16.10 but using unity.

Thank you!


#1 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus about 3 years ago

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While not having issues assigning the arrow keys I can confirm that they don't work.
Theory: Maybe they are handled further up the event chain and not reaching the shortcuts?
This is on Debian/sid, running KDE on X11.

#2 Updated by Peter Budai about 3 years ago

I have looked into this.
It seems that if an accelerator map change is unsuccessful, there is no feedback to the user at all. You can see it here:

Now I have experienced the same issue as Matej, but only sometimes: I press the left or right arrow key, and accelerator map update is just unsuccessful. Other times it works - really weird. So maybe it would be worthwile to have an error handling here.

Also I have noticed that setting an arrow accelerator for darkroom module is clearing the same accelerator for lightoom module (scroll left, scroll right) - is that intentional? All accelerators are working globally in all views?

#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus about 3 years ago

(Configurable) keyboard shortcuts were added as a GSoC project, and the person that did that is no longer around. I fear that he was the only one knowing in depth how it all works. The rest of us might have some ideas but at least I would need to read the code to know for sure. :-(

#4 Updated by Anonymous over 2 years ago

Little update:
I have no problems assigning the keys with 2.4.0 and the current 2.5.0+27~g6ad91943b-dirty. Also changing the settings back is no problem.
The assigned arrow keys still do not work however.

#5 Updated by Luc L about 2 years ago

Maybe be related to #12249?

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