Bug #11533

Automatic Levels not exporting

Added by Tyler Smith over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Hello Darktable folks,

The automatic setting in the Levels module is not being applied at export (setting it manually works fine). The exported images come out looking just like they do in Darktable with Levels disabled. This occurs regardless of export settings (file type, bit depth, compression, rendering intent, etc.). When I export a raw image as a TIFF, reopen it in Darktable, and export it again with only auto Levels applied, it still doesn't work, so it can't be a problem with either the raw file or other modules in the history stack.

However, it works properly when the image is significantly downsampled and high quality resampling is turned off. Go figure.

Anyway, if someone can look into this I'd appreciate it. I could finish my images with another program's levels in a pinch, but I'd rather have it applied exactly where it should be in the "pipeline".



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Are you sure it does not compute such levels that black/white points stay untouched?
Are you sure you don't apply a style with levels disabled at export?
Attach screenshot with auto levels from darkroom, exported image?

#2 Updated by Tyler Smith over 2 years ago

I am absolutely sure on both counts. I've spent the last several days testing every setting I could think of on images in which the difference in white/black points is obvious. After exporting and comparing side-to-side it clearly was not being applied (low quality downsamples being the exception that proves the rule). Just yesterday it was acting exactly as I described.

However, as of right now when I went to check one more time and take screenshots, it appears to be working. I have no idea what could have changed, except perhaps my sanity.

Well, hopefully this is the end of it. Sorry to waste your time!

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Feel free to reopen if it appears again and you can provide more info.
Perhaps related to #11497

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