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scrolling the left and right panes is difficult on os x

Added by Nils Becker over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Mac OS X
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in lighttable mode, the left and right panels cannot be scrolled with a two-finger scroll gesture. instead one has to move the mouse over the tiny and not very visible scroll bars at the outermost sides of the display. this is irritating since a much more intuitive user experience would be to place the mouse anywhere over the panel and apply a scroll motion. it works in this way in the central pane already (unless it's set to zoom mode, see another issue)

the same applies to the other modes.


#1 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 2 years ago

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Not being able to scroll the side panels by hovering over them and scrolling is on purpose. It is too easy to change slider settings by accident that way. Now one could argue that using a touch screen works a little different than a scroll wheel, but to the code both are the same.

#2 Updated by Nils Becker over 2 years ago

so iiuc, the interface is designed to be usable with touchscreens, yes? then that is understandable.

however, for a user of a mouse or trackpad, i think a much better ui would be to require clicking on sliders to activate them before they can be adjusted. then hovering over panels to scroll would not be a problem. i think this would improve usability.

i guess what i'm saying is: designing for touch screen hurts usability on non-touchscreen devices. (which i am imagining is the majority?) it would be great if there could be either autodetection of touch or a setting that allows the user to set the ui mode.

#3 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 2 years ago

No, darktable is not designed for touchpads. I thought YOU were using such a thing as you talked about finger gestures?

Almost everyone is using a mouse with darktable and for a fast workflow clicking a slider is a big time waster. Bumping your mouse to the border of the screen to scroll the list however doesn't require fine motor skills and is relatively quick and painless.

#4 Updated by Nils Becker over 2 years ago

ah sorry. i am actually on a macbook and so i'm used to using trackpad gestures to scroll. i never noticed that one could bump the mouse pointer to the border? not sure this works for me -- cannot test right now but i will.

#5 Updated by Nils Becker over 2 years ago

or did you mean, bump to the border to access the slider? (i thought bump to the upper/lower border in fullscreen mode and the panel will scroll automatically)

bumping to reach the slider for me is not great: i have my os x docker panel open on the left when i bump to the left border. after locating the slider with precision, i then have to click-drag it. this is not a very comfortable gesture on a trackpad since you have to keep the pressure while you drag. all in all it's a two-step process. first locate the slider then apply a relatively uncomfortable gesture. in fact i have to do this more often than actually adjusting any sliders since i need to navigate the panel to see the slider in question first. whereas, a two finger flick up or down is basically a reflex.

anyway, i appreciate you have to balance priorities but to me this issue really stuck out as annoying.

#6 Updated by Nils Becker over 2 years ago

i tried again today. i have to admit, bumping the mouse cursor to the left or right borders and then using a two-finger swipe does work. it's an easier way to scroll than click-dragging on the scrollbars, as i had done before. so my criticism does not really apply. i guess the thing that was counterintuitive to me was that although you have to place the cursor over the scrollbars you do not need to drag the scrollbars.

#7 Updated by Roman Lebedev about 2 years ago

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