Bug #11440

Demosaic Causing Fireflies

Added by Moritz Moeller about 1 month ago. Updated 27 days ago.

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Mac OS X
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I am building current master on OS X and now have fireflies in some images. They're caused by demosaic and show regardless of method or other settings used in the module.

_dsc3921.dng (26.4 MB) Moritz Moeller, 01/09/2017 12:24 PM

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.21.42 .png (7.48 MB) Moritz Moeller, 01/09/2017 12:24 PM


#1 Updated by Moritz Moeller about 1 month ago

Bump. Any feedback?

This is present in 2.2.1+3, the current DMG available on Github for OSX too.
Which makes that release unusable for doing work on Sony A7II originating low light images. Why is this set to 'Low'?

#2 Updated by Pascal Obry 29 days ago

low? don't you have a workaround or solution:

On my side:
1. use a threshold with PPG
2. use the global method for "match greens"

In both cases I have the Fireflies killed on my side.

#3 Updated by Moritz Moeller 29 days ago

I would argue that anything that requires doing something not straightforward, from an end-user's perspective, should be considered at least a medium priority bug. :)

I've never seen fireflies with any A7II images before and I take a lot of low light shots since I bought this camera last spring. I wonder if something has caused a regression in the demosaic code?

#4 Updated by Pascal Obry 29 days ago

Is that a regression?

#5 Updated by Moritz Moeller 28 days ago

I would have to download a build from maybe last May or so, when I started using this camera, and see if the issue is there. But as I've never seen it before and I do a lot of low light photography, I made and educated guess for it to be a regression. Of course, this series of pictures could be a unicorn but it's unlikely (the fireflies are visible in almost all pictures from that night).

#6 Updated by Pascal Obry 27 days ago

I understand for the priority, but those fireflies are not there by default and only appears when changing the "match greens" setting. And in this case a little edge threshold helps.

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