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Give user possibility to change white balance relatively

Added by Mariusz Jaskółka about 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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When I change e.g. temperature in white balance section, then save it as a new style and apply it to whole collection then every photo has exactly the same temperature set. It is not very practical solution.

My expectation is:
I change temperature from 4500K to 5000K (+500K). When I save this change as a style and set this style to the image that oryginally had 4700K (from RAW information) I suppose it to have 5200K as a result (+500K as well). This behavior could be optional (relative/absolute change option).

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Is duplicate of darktable - Feature #10880: Please add a local white balance featureNew01/17/2016


#1 Updated by Roman Lebedev about 3 years ago

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Do note that we store white balance as multipliers.
The displayed Kelvin temperature is not representable (as in, across different software), and is only useful for information.

That being said, i i'm not entirely convinced that this could/should be done.

#2 Updated by Mariusz Jaskółka about 3 years ago

From user point of view:
Maybe this is my opinion but i think it is pointless to set the same white balance to all photos in collection. On the other hand it would be helpfull to make all photos warmer/colder approximetly by the same relative value (na matter which units is being used).
My use-case from today: all collection from the party in room with old-school bulb & all the photos was "too yellow" as my camera was working in auto-white-balance mode. I had to move "temperature" slider left about 500K manually for every single photo.

From programmer point of view:
I understand that temperature value could be calculated by darktable with it's own algorythm and is not compatible with other software. But is it really a problem? Moving slider left/right by the same value from what was read/calculated from RAW manually is possible so doing it automatically with preset/style is technically possible as well. How? One of the solutions could be to switch "white balance" filter between absolute/relative mode (similar to exposure filter's modes). But you are programmers/architects here :) ( I am too but I didn't read the source code ;) )

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  • Is duplicate of Feature #10880: Please add a local white balance feature added

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Roman Lebedev Please note that this is not a duplicate with #10880 – {local/masked white balance} vs. {relative white balance across multiple photos, stored in style}

#7 Updated by François Tissandier over 1 year ago

I agree that this is not the same as local white balance. And I find that also useful to be able to choose between an absolute white balance and a relative change to apply in a style (like -400K). Otherwise it's impossible to create a style which would, among other things, make the image less warm or more warm.

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