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State indicator for toggle buttons (eg under/overexposed)

Added by mark heieis over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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On many occasions, a feature is toggled (eg under/overexposed toggle) but it is not clear after some work and moving from one photo to another, if the feature is (still) enabled or not. If a photo does not have any under/over exposed regions, then there is no apparent way of knowing whether the feature is active or not. It would be nice if the toggle buttons themselves also changed in some way, in the UI, to indicate whether the feature is enabled or not. Obviously, not critical, but does improve the usability.

overexposed-toggle_off.png (10.5 KB) overexposed-toggle_off.png over exposed image, with under/overexposed feature off mark heieis, 10/06/2016 12:02 AM
overexposed-toggle_on.png (13.1 KB) overexposed-toggle_on.png over exposed image, with under/overexposed feature on mark heieis, 10/06/2016 12:02 AM


#1 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 3 years ago

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Could you please take a screenshot with the buttons on and one with them off? Because, there should already be an indication. Granted, the two overexposure buttons have such big icons that it's hardly visible, but for example softproofing and gamut check should be clearly visible. So it's either a theming issue on your system (thus the screenshots) or just the too big icon one the 2 overexposure buttons which we should somehow fix.

#2 Updated by mark heieis over 3 years ago

So I'm using fedora 24, KDE spin. KDE 5.74 and Qt 5.6.1. Everything updated. No mods to the UI or darktable css. Darktable 2.0.6-1.fc24.

The noted behaviour was in 1.6 as well. Again on older fedora KDE spins.

Attached are two screen shots for an image that was artificially overexposed. Note that the toggle icon remains the same when activated.

I did note that when the gamut checking or soft proofing features were enabled, a watermark would appear in the lower left of the image, to indicate that they were activated.

#3 Updated by Michel Corps over 3 years ago

I can see the difference between ON and OFF on your screeshots ! But as Tobias said, it is hardly visible.

I have the same "problem" on my Ubuntu configuration with the standard theming.

#4 Updated by mark heieis over 3 years ago

Now that I look at it really hard, I can see a very small grey, border surrounding the icon, maybe a few pixels wide. But that border basically disappears into the background. I got fooled by the mouse-over thinking it was just the mouse, as it's the same as the border indicator. It needs to be much more obvious in some way. Maybe colorize the icon red/blue when enabled?

#5 Updated by Paolo Astengo over 3 years ago

Hi Mark,

I've solved this issue changing the background color of these buttons.

1) Open your configuration file darktable.css in your .config/darktable directory (if you don't have this file, copy it from /usr/share/darktable/darktable.css)
2) Go around line 119 and search for this section:
#iop-plugin-ui * button:checked,
button:checked {
background-color: shade(@selected_bg_color, 1.4);

3) change the value from 1.4 to something lighter, like 3.0

That's all!

#6 Updated by mark heieis over 3 years ago

Excellent. Worked like a treat. Thank-you.

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