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Bauhaus popup: finetuning with arrow keys

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When clicking the right click on the adjustment slider to fine tune a parameter, sometimes it get very hard to be accurate, for example when working with trackpad, and when the job gets heavier (multiple instances of hungry modules as local contrast) the image renders too fast multiple times with each pointer movement, sometimes even causing a crash with some history loss.
Also, typing in each value could also be a pain when the parameter values are decimals, and you're not sure what value you want.

I think it would much easier to use the arrow keys after the right click to adjust a value.

For example, I've worked for an image, I have 3-4 local contrasts with different settings for different portions of an image, I have multiple tone curves and some color zones, some raw denoise, and then before I export the image, I hit the exposure indicator and I see that I'm clipping blacks, so I want to take them a notch down. The blacks values are very difficult to work with, because I have to get 0.0015 to 0.0007, with the mouse/trackpad it's very hard to do, while I could right-click and go left arrow key 8 times as I'm browsing for the sweetspot of the blacks, or shift+right to get from 0.015 to 0.005 and then two right keys to get to 0.007, again, searching for the sweetspot.

So I think making arrow keys work for fine tuning would be awesome.


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I have implemented that a few months ago.
Also, you can use <SHIFT> to increase step by 10x and <CTRL> to decrease step by 10x (configurable)

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Ah, this was about bauhaus right-click thingy.
Not sure about that.

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