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Brush mask opacity bounded by initial brush/density after creation

Added by Philipp Christ over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Once a form has been created with reduced opacity it cannot be raised above that level.

While the behaviour that brush/density can only be changed during creation mode was just confusing, I think that a form cannot be changed to 100% opacity could classify as minor frustration for the uninitiated :)

  1. Chose a module, any module :)
  2. Select drawn mask blend
  3. Activate the display mask toggle to better see the effect
  4. Click the 'add brush' tool
  5. Reduce the opacity of the tool to a noticably see through density
  6. Draw a brush mask
  7. Try to increase the opacity of the new form
  • The form will show up in mask manager as 100% opacity (actually no % is shown until reducing it to 95% etc.).
  • Increasing the brush/density during creation mode has no influence on the range
  • I couldn't find any way other than redrawing the brush mask to get a higher opacity again, but maybe i'm overlooking something fundamental
  • There is the upside though that the 0.5 opacity steps of say a 50% density form give more fine grained control in that 50% range

Tested on 2.1.0+365~gb037993, but if my memory serves me right it's probably already been like that in 1.6 when i started.
As usual, i'm around for any other information if needed.


#1 Updated by Aldric Renaudin over 4 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Aldric Renaudin)

seems that brush store it's own density value per points. Certainly to take in account pressure sensitivity which can vary during the brush draw.

@Ulrich can you have a look ? I don't have pressure sensitive device here :(


#2 Updated by Ulrich Pegelow over 4 years ago

I can confirm this behavior. It is intentional to have a per node opacity value, and I did not invest into a feature that would allow changing those values. If I understand you correctly you would like to have an option to change the opacity of the full brush stroke. How should the brush behave, assuming the original opacity varies between nodes?

#3 Updated by Philipp Christ over 4 years ago

The one thing i could think of just now would be to keep the relative differences and still be able to increase/or decrease until the highest/lowest point hits the max or min, respectively.

With this information though i'm not sure this is something to put too much effort into unless there are cases where keeping the pressure values and being able to increase density past an initial opacity are important. (i.e. redrawing would irecoverably lose a master's brush stroke)
Considering that it seems, most people don't even bother with changing default brush/density during creation, the case for a change get's rather hard to make.

Could there be point to make, for a way to have a non-100% density of a form visible somewhere, though? Just to get more indication about this behaviour.
(That is of course based on the assumption that this information is still available after drawing somehow.)

I think the case here mostly just came to be because (for me) "can't make this opaque with shortcuts anymore" wasn't a straight indicator and just piqued my interest as to what could cause such a behaviour.

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