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crop and rotate: difficult to move to the edge

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In crop and rotate module: When moving the crop area —or one of its
side handles— to the image border, one must pay attention not to move
the mouse cursor beyond the image border. If the mouse cursor leaves
the image before the crop frame reaches the image border, DT will stop
moving the crop frame.

This makes it difficult to move one side of the crop frame to the
respective exreme position (e.g., left handle to left border).

Instead, when a handle is dragged outside the image borders, DT should
move it to the respective extreme position.

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Has duplicate darktable - Bug #10888: Crop tool often fails on new iMacDuplicate01/24/2016


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  • Has duplicate Bug #10888: Crop tool often fails on new iMac added

#3 Updated by Jilles van Gurp almost 2 years ago

I have an imac 5K, with recent versions of darktable (2.4.0 - 2.4.4) cropping is not just difficult but impossible. I can' crop images at all on this setup. I can on my mac book pro for some reason but it is quite flaky there as well. Both have retina screens, which may be a contributing factor. Both have a amd gpu.

I've been looking at the issue tracker to see if there are any similar issues since this looks like it may be mac specific or at least specific to HDPI setups. There is one other ticket #10888 that got marked as a duplicate of this one.

To reproduce on my imac:
- open any image
- go to crop tool (I have it set to free form)
- move the mouse inside the image and then slowly to any of the edges until the mouse cursor changes to indicate you should now be able to drag
- drag: this usually works the first time. However, if scale horizontally and then try vertically it never works. Or the other way around. Or via the corner.
- in general, this module has always felt a bit buggy to me even when it does work throughout the 2.x series. It has always been overly sensitive as to whether a drag is interpreted as a move or scale. In my experience you need to hit much closer to the edge than indicated on the screen.
- sometimes, undoing in the history and compressing the stack gets it back to a usable state, however not always. I have images that I cropped on my laptop where I can't modify the crop on my imac. Also closing/reopening darktable seems to not really help.
- the description above suggests that the problem may be related to moving the mouse cursor beyond the border of the rectangle. I notice that there is a quite a bit of lag with the rectangle resizing when you drag. So, it is impossible to not have the cursor outside the area while it is catching up when e.g. scaling up. Also, when you enable the module, your mouse cursor is outside of the rectangle. In any case, I've been trying very hard to stay inside the rectangle and it is not helping.

I realize this may be hard to reproduce on hw where this works as expected but I hope the added detail provides some clues as to what could be wrong.

#4 Updated by Jilles van Gurp over 1 year ago

Updating to Mac os Mojave seems to have fixed things for me. See my comment on #10888 as well.

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