Bug #10820

Input in tagging-module didn't overwrite selected text

Added by Frank Jäger over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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You are in the lightroom-mode and in the tagging-module you have searched for a tag and then you want to search for another.

When you select your old input for overwriting with the mouse by moving over with pressed left mouse-key then the following hits from keyboard are not send to to the tag-textbox but works as shortcut.
For example: if you hit a "r" in your text then all selected pictures get a "reject" rating, a "d" will start darkoom-mode.

When you select the old text with keyboard (shift + left) it looks the same but it works.
You can also delete every single key with the back-key before you write a new search-string.
Selecting the old text with mouse-doubleclick will work.


#1 Updated by Simon Harhues over 4 years ago

Does this also happen if you select the old input with the mouse and then move the mouse not into the centre view but keep it somewhere on the right module column? If not, it seems that this is a general thing that the centre grabs the focus once the mouse enters it. At least I recognised a similar behaviour for the collection input. If I mark text there with the mouse and move the mouse pointer to the centre view I cannot type anymore. If I keep the mouse pointer in the left hand column I can continue to type.

#2 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus over 4 years ago

Maybe we need something like dt_gui_key_accel_block_on_focus_connect() for mouse moves?

#3 Updated by Frank Jäger over 4 years ago

Simon Harhues wrote:

Does this also happen if you select the old input with the mouse and then move the mouse not into the centre view ...

When the mouse-cursor is held in the right side-panel, then I can overwrite the selected text.

But I have to select the pictures for the new tag, so I must enter the center.

#4 Updated by Peter Moulding over 4 years ago

I have something similar with Lighttable page tagging box in 2.0.0 on latest Linux Mint. I cannot type into the box to create a new tag. The tagging box in the darkroom page is the same. When I move the mouse pointer over the border, I can type.

After typing the new tag, the tag disappears when I move the mouse or press enter or select New.

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