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module specific color pickers should update themselves when module regains focus

Added by Jean-Luc Coulon over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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If I use the color picker from the color zones module, I get a vertical dark line at the colour coordinates.

But on some blue tint, this vertical bar is missing.

The regular picker works normally for this same colour.

I've done a sRGB gamut clipping in the input profile and used the colour picker outside the gamut warning areas.

- screenshot of the picture with module controls openend.
- .cr2 file
- .xmp file



Darktable-color-zones-blue.png (1.37 MB) Darktable-color-zones-blue.png screenshot Jean-Luc Coulon, 11/17/2015 04:40 PM
img_0025.cr2.xmp (3.22 KB) img_0025.cr2.xmp sidecar file Jean-Luc Coulon, 11/17/2015 04:40 PM
img_0025.cr2 (26.5 MB) img_0025.cr2 raw file Jean-Luc Coulon, 11/17/2015 04:45 PM
Gamut SyncMaster #1 2015-10-15 15-10 2.2 M-S XYZLUT+MTX.png (49.6 KB) Gamut SyncMaster #1 2015-10-15 15-10 2.2 M-S XYZLUT+MTX.png Gamut of my display Jean-Luc Coulon, 11/19/2015 11:47 AM


#1 Updated by Ulrich Pegelow over 4 years ago

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I don't see anything unexpected with your image. Obviously the blue LED light leads to the well known problem with unbounded colors if no corrective action is taken. Quite typically one cannot pick unbounded colors in modules like color zones or tone curve. To fix the issue the "gamut clipping" option has been added to the input profile module. When this option is activated the color picker works for me regardless of the chosen gamut.

(A side remark: color fidelity of the sample image is still questionable to me even with gamut clipping enabled. That's due to the fact that the images seems to be overexpsoed by about two f-stops and probably due to the limited gamut of my monitor.)

#2 Updated by Jean-Luc Coulon over 4 years ago


I've done some more tests.

It seems that the problem occured in my exemple (even with when gamut is clipped in the input profile) due to the behaviour of dsarktable when switching from "color zones" to "input color profile".

- If I start with the gamut clipping set to off, I've the problem in "color zones". Which seems to be normal (or at least logical).
- Now, I open "input color profile" module and choose to clip the gamut to sRGB.
- I open again the "color zones" modules and do nothing. The colour picker is still where I've left it and the problem is still there (no vertical marker line).

This was that confused me: the module is not refreshed only by opening it. I've to move the crosshair of the colour picker for the things to change.

About the colours and overexposure of my picture:
The bridge is very brighly illuminated with some blue / purple projectors.
I remarked I cannot have a correct rendering this picture using the normal base curve – "canon eos like" or "canon eos like alternate" which I use by default for my picture. I've to deactivate the base curve. The I can have something close to what I was expected. My display is calibrated and I've attached its gamut curve compared to sRGB



#3 Updated by Ulrich Pegelow over 4 years ago

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Seems to be a topic of all module specific color pickers (e.g. also the one in the tone curve module does not update itself). Not sure if this can be changed easily.

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