Bug #10548

Failed to read camera white balance information (ILCE-5100)

Added by Who Cares over 4 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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I get that notice when opening a directory/scrolling in lighttable.
Camera: Sony a5100 (ILCE-5100)

IMG_4448.CR2 (25.3 MB) IMG_4448.CR2 Christian G, 02/10/2018 11:55 PM


#1 Updated by Pedro Côrte-Real over 4 years ago

We need a sample file to be able to diagnose this. Did you edit the raw file in any way?

#2 Updated by Who Cares over 4 years ago

I've ran darktable with -d all and here's the relevant output line:
[temperature] failed to read camera white balance information!

Unfortunately I can't put it into a context of a specific image since that information is missing from the log, so I don't have any idea if it's all or just a few images.

As for your question: No editing of raw files outside of darktable. It happenes of fresh directories I open with DT for the first time.

#3 Updated by Who Cares over 4 years ago

Sorry, can't seem to attach a file.

#4 Updated by Pedro Côrte-Real over 4 years ago

Do you have the issue with this file? This one works fine for me. When I ask about editing files I mean using something like exiftool to change dates or other metadata in the raw file itself (a very bad idea). If you are doing that all bets are off and you've probably corrupted some files.

Without looking at a specific image with the issue I can't really do much more. Please attach the whole log, maybe that will have something more. You can also run darktable-cli on each image in a folder and see which one throws up the error.

#5 Updated by Pedro Côrte-Real over 4 years ago

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#6 Updated by Christian G about 2 years ago

I would like to add some information on this as I experienced this problem and a related one. On some images, I get the error described above ("unable to read white balance information"). In addition, when that happens in darkroom mode, the shown image freezes and even if I select other images that do not cause that error I don't see them. i have to leave darkroom mode and select a new image from the lighttable.

I attached a photo that causes this error.

Removing the meta information file (.xmp) did not help.

Output of darktable --version:
this is darktable 2.4.1
copyright (c) 2009-2018 johannes hanika

compile options:
bit depth is 64 bit
normal build
SSE2 optimized codepath enabled
OpenMP support enabled
OpenCL support enabled
Lua support enabled, API version 5.0.0
Colord support enabled
gPhoto2 support enabled
GraphicsMagick support enabled
OpenEXR support enabled

Related #10301 (which is for Nikon while this is for Canon 60D)
Related #10526 (which has additional CPU 100% which I do not have)
Related #10989 (which is for Canon Powershot)

#7 Updated by Roman Lebedev about 2 years ago

CR2 is clearly not from ILCE-5100, please open a new issue.
EDIT: actually, don't bother. I checked, and it will be a duplicate of #11581, and i'm working on that one...

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