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Nikon Coolpix P340

Added by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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After a brief exchange of emails in the Darktable use mailing list I got suggested to post here a request of support.

The camera is a Nikon Coolpix P340:

This is a link to the RAW file on File Dropper:

If you need anything else please ask and I will be happy to provide it.


#1 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 5 years ago

We would need a NEF converted to DNG with Adobe's latest DNG converter.

#2 Updated by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago

I would be happy to provide it, as soon as I can install the program :)
All the downloads that I find through Google are for Windows or Mac, do you know if there is a Linux version somewhere?

I'll try to run it with wine now, but it might take a while...

#3 Updated by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago

That was actually easier that I expected (thanks to POL) :)

It gives me an error when trying to upload it here, so I put it again on filedropper:

#4 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 5 years ago

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I just added very basic experimental P340 support:

There are two things left:

A NRW converted to DNG, for each ISO level the camera has, preferably including half/third-stop ISOs. I don't need the files themselves, but I need some properties from EXIF (from all per ISO DNGs):

$ exiv2 -pt DSCN0065.dng | grep ISO
Exif.Photo.ISOSpeedRatings Short 1 80
$ exiv2 -pt DSCN0065.dng | grep WhiteLevel
Exif.SubImage1.WhiteLevel Short 1 3800
$ exiv2 -pt DSCN0065.dng | grep BlackLevel
Exif.SubImage1.BlackLevel Rational 1 51200/256

A NRW shot for each white balance presets (image content doesn't matter much). I don't need the files here either, you could run the following script on these files, and post back the output:

If you're quick we might be able to enable P340 support for 1.6.7.

#5 Updated by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago

Hi, I can do it straight forward, but I do not know what a "half/third-stop ISO" is.

I have 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 ISOs and Hi 1.

#6 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 5 years ago

third stops are ISO 125/160/250/320/etc.
half stops are ISO 150/300/etc.

Not all cameras support either them, and most cameras have them turned off by default. You'd have to check your camera manual on the particulars of your camera.

If your camera doesn't support these, then what you have is fine.

#7 Updated by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago

exiv2 version:

$ exiv2 -V
exiv2 0.24 001800 (64 bit build)
Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Andreas Huggel.

Outputs for the ISOs variations is here

It gives me this error when running it:
Error: Directory Nikon1 with 25665 entries considered invalid; not read.

Now I'll do the thing with the white balance presets.

#8 Updated by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago

And these are the perl script

These are the presets, but there are two options that I haven't used.

One is the premeasured white (which you will not need) and the other option let me choose exactly the colour temperature.

The possible values are 2500K, 2560K, 2630K, ecc up to 10000K.

Do you also need these?

#9 Updated by Pascal de Bruijn about 5 years ago

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Great. Thanks.

I just pushed the white balance presets:

While we could add some of the Kelvin values, they typically aren't used as much, so I don't particularly care about those too much.

So I think we have all the basics now. We should have basic P340 support in our upcoming point release. So I'll be closing this issue.

There are some advanced topics, which are less trivial, and aren't a requirement for basic operation. Feel free to open a new ticket if you manage to generate proper noise curves in the future:

And optionally: (you need to subject these to the lensfun project not us)

#10 Updated by Davide Alberelli about 5 years ago

Many thanks to you for your great work :)

I will have a look, especially at the lens correction, asap.

So, will it land in 1.6.7?
Do you have any idea about when is it supposed to be?

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