Bug #10352

Dangrous multiple file deletion behavior in lighttable view

Added by Walter de la Internet almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Mac OS X
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First up, thanks a lot for adding the much requested deletion feature. I noticed it recently after the 1.6.1 upgrade.

After manually adding a keystroke for file deletion, I went to try it.

Unfortunately, I found the following dangerous behavior:
- Open lighttable view
- Double click an image to bring it in to darkroom
- Decide you don't want it (eg. out of focus, duplicate, etc.)
- Try pressing the configured delete key (in my case, 'backspace'), and find it doesn't work from within darkroom
- Have to double click and return to lighttable view
- Notice that the lighttable view has positioned the image you were just viewing as the very upper-left position and that previous images are not visible
- Decide that the next n images also require deletion (a very common scenario, eg. subject expression or orientation lost during event portraiture, motion-influenced loss of focus, lighting change, etc.)
- Shift-click on the final image

At this point, you want to have selected the range of images from the image you were just viewing in darkroom mode to the final image you wanted to select for deletion from lighttable mode.

However, darktable selects all images from the last shift-clicked file at some distant point in the past to the final image you wanted selected and to make this worse, the fact that many additional images have been selected is not visually communicated because the images prior to the lase one you viewed in darkroom mode were auto-scrolled out of the way when exiting darkroom mode back to lighttable mode.

At present, the only way to prevent accidentally deleting critical files is to notice the number in the pop-up deletion file dialog (if confirmation is enabled). This is weak protection.

The current workflow is therefore very dangerous and I believe it has to change urgently.

Suggested fix: reset the shift-click range selection variables when exiting darkroom mode.
Recommended additional fix: remember previous lighttable status before entering darkroom mode and restore it correctly when returning to lighttable.


#1 Updated by Tobias Ellinghaus almost 4 years ago

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We keep the selection on purpose so you don't lose it just because you wanted to edit an image in between, and we scroll to the last edited image so you see it when going back to lighttable, otherwise you had to look for it if going through a lot of images in darkroom (which is common). To see what you selected just scroll up a tiny bit, or click on the first image to be selected before shift-clicking on the last.

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